Uh… Here I go?

Well. I can’t believe I did this. Now let’s see if I actually have the guts to tell anyone about it. Maybe. But probably not. Well, I guess I really started this for three reasons: 1) because I’m obsessed with blogs. I read them all the time. People I know, people I don’t know, doesn’t matter. I read them all. (And yes, all my friends think I’m super creepy for doing it.) 2) To make all my friends that graduated on time jealous. Although I’m not sure if they’ll be jealous or glad when they see how I no longer have any friends and basically sit around and watch gossip girl day after day. Just kidding. I do have friends, they’re just much smaller in number than before. 3) Maybe one day I’ll actually have grandchildren and they will want to hear all of Grandma’s crazy stories. I know I would LOVE to read about my grandparents when they were my age. But first, that means I’m going to have to get married and have kids. Hmmm… that could be an issue.


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