Life Lesson #1

Hot water is an essential. But more about that later.

Thursday night, Claire Feeney threw a party. And when Claire Feeney throws a party, there ain’t no other option. You MUST go. (Okay, just kidding. This is the first party that I’ve been to that Claire’s thrown.) But it was a lot of fun. I played beer pong and actually sunk 2 whole cups! I couldn’t believe it! It was probably the best I’d ever played.

On Friday, I started spin class after much prompting from Claire Feeney. She’s in the class and said I should join her. And in a temporary moment of insanity, I did. Let me just tell y’all, my butt has never been kicked like that before. And about 20 minutes into the class, my friend came to visit and I was forced to leave. But hopefully, next time will be a little better. After class, I headed downtown to exchange my packet for my class and visit Deanna and Ro at Heery’s. I stopped at Ben and Jerry’s and got my new favorite thing. A Razzo-Mango smoothie. De-lish! In fact, that is the next order of business after I finish this. Then I went and bought stuff to craft with and went and made a large dent in both Target and my bank account. But if I didn’t buy those shoes, someone else would have, right?

I still haven’t seen the first episode of Project Runway, which depresses me. And right now we don’t have hot water in my apartment which really sucks because I wanted to do dishes and laundry and I’m NEVER in the mood to clean. EVER. Just ask any of my roommates. (And if I ever am in the mood, I’ll usually just sit on the couch until it passes.) You need hot water for a lot of stuff. Showering, for example, is a lot better with hot water. Much more effective. And comfortable. I love a hot shower…. HOWARD PROPERTIES, CALL ME BACK!!!!!


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