Project Runway

So I’ve finally gotten to watch Project Runway, absolutely one of the best shows on T.V., after Gossip Girl of course. This year, it’s been moved from New York to L.A., which is a little strange because the city, Parsons, Atlas, and Mood have almost become as much a part of the show as Tim and Heidi. But we shall see.


Okay, so first of all, I think that Lindsay Lohan being the guest judge is strange. I don’t really consider her a ‘style icon.’ And I don’t think the fact that she has her own line of leggings makes her a ‘designer.’ But if you say so, Heidi. One of the things that I don’t like about the first few weeks is that you don’t get to hear the judge comment on all of the designs. But I do understand why.

My favorites:

Johnny: LOVE it! Hands down, my favorite. I just hope he doesn’t end up crying for the entire season.

Christopher: I will probably NEVER say this again, but I actually AGREED with Lindsay Lohan! I would have liked it better if there was one less ruffle at the bottom. Not sure if I wouldn’t have picked it as the winner, though.

Epperson: Different, but I liked it a lot. I’m really disappointed his wasn’t in the top.

My Least Favorites:

Ari: Weird, WEIRD, weird, and did I mention, weird. I’m glad she’s out. Just way too out there for me!

I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen the rest of the season. It sounds like there are some awesome guest judges and we’ve even got a drinking game planned for one week that we’re going to play! New T.V. is one of my favorite things about fall!!


One Comment on “Project Runway”

  1. Kathleen says:

    Did you notice that Ari closely resembled Samantha Ronson and Lindsey was the guest judge and Ari got kicked interesting

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