It was a Soggy Saturday in Athens

Yesterday, I got wet. Not just wet, soaked. I have probably never been that wet in my entire life except in the shower and the pool. I probably had about 6 inches of water in my rain boots. I kept having to dump them out periodically. All these people kept leaving around us, but it was at the point where we weren’t going to get any wetter, so we just stayed.

But we won. And that’s what matters.

After Joe Cox connected with A.J. Green for the first touchdown in the first quarter, I turned to Isabelle and said, “If they play like that, it can rain all night.”

Well, it finally stopped raining. And they stopped playing like that. But, we won and that’s what matters. It wasn’t pretty, but it was a victory. It seems like that’s been the theme of the season.

I wonder if it was foreshadowing that I posted the Lewis Grizzard article yesterday. And on Glee Kurt made the field goal at the last second. Oh how I love me some special teams. And A.J. Green, for that matter.

Iz, me and Jamie after the downpour before the game

Iz, me and Jamie after the downpour before the game

pruney fingers

pruney fingers



We have GOT to do something about the turnovers. Our Defense wouldn’t look so bad if the Offense didn’t turn the ball over so much. Seriously, we would have won by so much more. But, what can you do about it? Just be thankful we’ve been able to scrap out a win.

Desperate premieres tonight. Can’t decide if I want to keep watching or not. I really shouldn’t even watch because I have a test tomorrow. But also, Kourtney finds out she’s pregnant tonight. Oh, the dilemma! I have so many better things to do than class!


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