On This Day in History…

Today was a historic day in my life. For the first time EVER, I drove past the Target. I mean, I did not pull in and buy a single thing. I did not even step foot in there; I did not even pull into the parking lot. I wish y’all knew how much will-power that took of me. I swear, Target is my drug. I am not satisfied until I have spent way more than I should have and bought things I never knew I needed. It’s kinda sad. If I had saved all the money I’ve spent in Target the last four and a half years, I could probably sail around the world. Twice. BUT, my wardrobe would be seriously lacking.

Because I’m feeling very Audrey Hepburn today, if I had an extra $100-200 lying around, I would immediately run out and buy these: crackle-metallic ballet flats

or these: satin ballet flats with contrast trim

or these: patent tortoise ballet flats

or these: Pippa mirror ballet flats with that sweet bow

or these: Christiane calf hair ballet flats

or sigh these: Jules pearlized patent flats

And I would run around Paris in my cigarette pants and sleeveless shifts and cut all my hair off like this and paint the Eiffel Tower and live in a garden flat that was all white and buy flowers and baguettes and cheese at the open-air market on Saturdays and charm all of the French boys and basically live a life that only happens in the movies.

But let’s be real. None of my friends are in Paris, I would miss my family, I love my rainbows waaaay too much to get rid of them and I could never, ever live somewhere that was all white. I just love my colors and my patterns.

But hopefully one day I will get up enough nerve to chop my hair off like that.


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