Random Thoughts- BANANAS!

Okay, I started this post on Monday and am just now getting around to finishing it. Either I’ve been busy or highly unmotivated. Probably a little bit of both, let’s be honest.

So, after watching Rachel Zoe head to Paris for Fashion Week, I have concluded that her life does not suck. She got a private tour of Coco Chanel’s apartment, for crying out loud!!! And she’s as persuasive as Rosemary is when it comes to convincing you to do anything. The way she talked Brad into buying that DIVINE leather trench was magic. (Seriously, if Ro wants you to do something, you do it. I don’t know how she does it, but she should definitely purchase a lot of tacky plaid suits and open a used car dealership. Because she could sell the crap out of those shitty cars.)

Facial hair is pretty disgusting unless it’s ironic facial hair and then it’s hilarious. Unless it’s full-on scruff. Because that’s pretty hot.

Pop quizzes a week before the mid-term suck. Especially when you haven’t studied for them at all.

Okay, so clearly I haven’t had many thoughts this week. Ha! But I’ve probably been distracted because me and this one are headed to Knoxville tomorrow!

n4920554_46891516_6310821I’ll be honest. I’m a little sad with the lack of support I’ve seen ever since we lost last week. No, the play was not exceptional, but a lot of (important) people have come out and said that A.J. Green’s excessive celebration penalty was bogus and that could have changed a lot for us had that been taken away. So here’s to hoping that we really show out in Knoxville Saturday and make all of those people regret not coming! And besides, I’ve never been to Neyland Stadium, and from what I’ve heard, once you go, you never want to go back again. So I really hope we play well and WIN the only time I’ll probably ever go!

Alright Dawgs! It’s time to hunker down one more time!!!!

God, I miss Larry Munson.


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