Rocky Bottom

28: number of times we heard Rocky Top (About 29 too many if you ask me…)

7: number of times Smokey changed outfits (Seriously, he brought more outfits than I did!) (And that’s saying something!)

15: number of mini-bottles the UT fans in front of us chugged

4: number of scrunchies we saw

235: number of times I thanked God I wasn’t a Tennessee Vol (one for every minute we were in that God-forsaken place)

100,261: number of obnoxious Tennessee fans

0: number of times I will be returning to Neyland Stadium

To say that stunk would be an understatement. This trip just absolutely cemented the fact my belief that the state of Tennessee is an armpit. Its only redeeming quality is Nashville. We made their offense look amazing. And it is NOT.

Willie Martinez, it’s been nice knowin’ ya.

Wait a minute. What am I saying? No it hasn’t been. We have what could be an awesome defense and they have not played to their potential. And something has got to change.

Brian Van Gorder? Where are you?

Burlesie and I left Athens Friday around 6.

ANOTHER frickin' finger! What the heck?

ANOTHER frickin' finger! What the heck?

According to the Garmin, it should have taken us 4 hours and 15 minutes to get there. Ha! Try 5 hours and 30 minutes. I thought we would NEVER get there. It got dark and started raining and we were on twisty, winding mountain roads and then the fog set in and we started going 10 miles under the speed limit because we didn’t want to die. Seriously, that’s what it was coming to.  So when we finally got to the Super 8, all we wanted to do was go to bed.

Yes, I said Super 8.

Hey, we’re 2 college girls on a budget.

our room!

our room!

And yes, we shared a king-sized bed. That was the only thing they had left that was non-smoking. But we seriously probably could have fit 3 more people in that bed. Burles said she woke up at one point in the night and she was on one edge and I was on the other edge. I guess we were afraid of crowding the other! Ha!

By the way, did you know there’s no automatic check-out at a Super 8? Because I didn’t. And we forgot to do it when we left. So I called and asked the receptionist, “Do you have automatic checkout?” She responded, “Ma’am, this is the Super 8. We do not have automatic checkout.” Well excuuuuse me. So we had to turn around and check out.

me and Burlesie- the little sister I never wanted

me and Burlesie- the little sister I never wanted

And, well, you know the rest. And if you don’t, I don’t feel like re-living it. EXCEPT, can I please tell you, the worst, most obnoxious group of fans I’ve EVER experienced in my 4.5 years of being a student at Georgia and my 11 years of going to Georgia games. They were AWFUL. I’m talking chugging mini-bottles, jumping around, yelling, dancing, I don’t even know.



What the heck? At least TRY to be sneaky about it!

What the heck? At least TRY to be sneaky about it!

At least buy something to mix it with! Come on! Classy!

At least buy something to mix it with! Come on! Classy!

When around 10 minutes left in the game, the Georgia fans started pouring out, the ring leader started yelling, “Where are you going? Why are you leaving? Go home! Go back to Athens! You’ve got a long drive ahead of you!” Yeah, well fortunately, it’s not as long as the time you’re going to spend in HELL! Yes, that is how much I COULD NOT STAND this guy. Several times, he got close enough for me to push him down the bleachers. And Lord have mercy, it was all I could do not to.

Well, I guess now I can do it pray that LSU can pull it out and beat Florida. Darn you Tim Tebow for getting hurt the weekend before the off week and having plenty of time to recover from your concussion! I will be so glad when he graduates so the announcers will stop saying his name over and over and over and over and over.

Oh, and this truck was in the Super 8 parking lot this morning when we left. And yes, it is from Florida.

DSCF1546And yes, now she is too.



One Comment on “Rocky Bottom”

  1. Callan says:

    I love you!!! I went on a date with a Gator this weekend…

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