Monster Mash- Boris Picket

So I’ve been a bad blogger lately. But, I didn’t figure you wanted to hear about me sitting around with D procrastinating from doing my homework. So, I figured not writing anything was better than writing about nothing. I mean, I almost wrote about what color I painted my toenails and why I chose green over orange.


For the record, it was because I tend to be pretty lazy when it comes to painting my toenails and I didn’t want to risk going to Georgia Florida next weekend with orange toenails. Because I might have been mistaken for a Florida fan. And that would be the biggest travesty EVER.

I started a post about the good things about cold weather. But then it warmed up again. But don’t worry. It’s coming soon. And it’s short. Another good thing.

But, fortunately, Claire threw a Halloween party, which gave me something to blog about.

So on Thursday, I called Michelle and begged convinced her to come to the Halloween party that Claire and her roommates were throwing. I would have gone alone, but it’s just always better to have a wingman. And I didn’t want to look lame showing up to a party alone. But, since I’ve done it before, obviously I don’t care that much.

And since it was a Halloween party, we were told to dress up. Now, since the sorority kicked me out (not really, my 4 years were just up), my costume wardrobe has diminished greatly. Meaning, I was thinking about wearing my cap and gown and going as a graduate. But then, I remembered perhaps the greatest costume I have worn in my 4 years of socials was still in my closet.

So, I went as a tree.

Lumberjacks and Treehuggers social

Lumberjacks and Treehuggers social

And this time, I added my bird headband.

Genius, I know.


I know it’s dark, but I didn’t realize the flash wasn’t turned on until after we took the picture and it’s really awkward to ask someone you don’t know to take your picture the first time, much less asking them again because the pic turned out too dark/fuzzy/whatever. So we just kept it.

Claire was a gym teacher and Michelle was a shacker.

By the way, Claire and I are bringing back the pig-tail buns! That was hands-down my favorite hair style in middle/high school.

The rumor was, the best costume won a prize. But when I asked Claire what the prize was, she told me peanut butter Oreos. And that I had won!

Let me tell you, what a prize it was!!!! I dipped those suckers in milk and Kahlua and it was DELICIOUS! My Oreo-eating will never be the same!

Up next: one of the saddest things that’s happened to me to date, partying it up with Burles and Amy/Anastacia, and going to the Thrasher’s game. But you’ll just have to come back to see! I can’t give it all away at once!

Hmmmm…. I feel like more people should live by that rule!


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