I’m Going Slightly Mad- Queen

So, as I indicated Sunday night, last week was a little nutso. As a way to pick myself back up this week and get myself going, I made a little to-do list. It included things like emailing my teacher and calling the dentist along with things like showering and painting my toenails.

I like to include things like that because it makes me feel good to cross them off. I’ve even been known to include things like eating and taking naps.


You know how many things I got crossed off my list? A big, fat ZERO. That’s right. Nothing. Including showering. It was bad. Real bad.

But today, I’m back on track.

Okay, even though I know it was a week and a half ago, Georgia Florida: The Game.

So, it sucked, basically. Florida fans are the worst in the SEC. I don’t think anyone would argue with that. And then there’s the game itself. The black was disastrous. As soon as I saw it, I thought, crap. I know that everyone wishes that we had a greater variety of uniforms, but personally like the silver britches, red helmets, and red or white jerseys. It’s nice to know what our boys will be wearing every week and it’s not a big deal. They just put on their uniforms and go play football.

So, the game was a bust, obviously. So instead of talking about it, I’m just going to show you all of the AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL Florida fans that were there. But like I kept saying at the game, I’d rather be unranked than be a Florida Gator. Which is a good thing because we are. Ha! (But nothing like a shut-out to make you feel a little better!)


Here they are:

Nice hair, buddy:


This is how close we were to the stadium. Thanks Dad!


And of course, we had a million and a half pairs of ugly shorts. Apparently plaid is the new denim. Only about 7 years late:





Of course, the girls had their moments as well:


(By the way, as disturbing as the white dress worn by the Florida fan the day before November was, even MORE disturbing were the white dresses I saw this past weekend on Georgia fans. We’re supposed to know better, girls!)




And worst of all: corset girl!

DSCF1714 (2)

This girl was sitting in front of us at the game. I told her that her bra was showing. She replied, “I know.” Oh. Sorry then:


Now, this one, I had originally taken the picture for the girl in the jersey and jean shorts, but after a closer observation, I noticed something else awry in this picture. Do you see what I see?


This gives a whole new meaning to Gaytors.

Speaking of gay, this quote is in the dictionary next to it:


Oh, I’m sure they cried tears of joy. While I was drowning my sorrows……..


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