I Like It, I Love It- Tim McGraw

So, as usual, I have homework due in about 6 hours (that I’ve yet to begin), so I’m going to blog! Plus I have a book I need to read for my test on Thursday.

But this is going to be a quickie!

(That’s what she said!)

And, yeah right. Because I NEVER do things quickly.

Sooo, over a week ago, the Dawgs had Homecoming. It was nice to win again. Heck, it was really nice that it was a shut-out. Even if it was Tennessee Tech. Thanks for showing, up Defense.

Alec and his victory cigar. He’s been carrying it around for a while now:

Me with Sarah, my football god. Just kidding. I only worship one God. But if I did have a football god, she would be it. She is my inspiration:

One word: WHY??? Why, why, why, why, why????? (Okay, just one word, multiple times.)

Sweet friends. Even though it looks like Alec’s strangling Sarah, I promise he’s not!

I am soooo lucky to get to watch football with such AWESOME people.

I’m sorry. Did I miss the memo that Emily Post sent out saying that it was OKAY TO WEAR WHITE DRESSES IN NOVEMBER???? Because I don’t think I did! Did I?????

And finally:

Clearly, we were rawther bored during this game. But that was okay. I’d rather be bored than it be a close game.

Monday, Deanna, Rosemary, and I went to Mirko for Free Pasta Mondays. This is how Deanna decorated my to-go box. She is such an artist. Minus all the hearts. Blech.

Then, on Thursday, I hit the road and headed to Madison to go meet up with one of my favorites, who (whom?) I haven’t seen in TWO years. Oh, the insanity! I’ve known Kristen for YEARS. We’ve worked River of Life and Chrysalis forEVER and said for, well, I guess two years that we needed to get together since Madison isn’t far for either of us and now that I’m in my last semester, we finally did!

And it was wonderful! I laughed until I had tears in my eyes! Kristen is one of the funniest people I know (and I know some pretty darn funny people).  Oh, how I’ve missed her!

I tried to get a picture of the two of us with the restaurant sign. FAIL.

So, we just did 2 separate pictures. Us:

Annnnd the restaurant sign:

By the way, it was delish, so if you’re ever in Madison, go eat at O’Hara’s.

Friday, I went to the basketball game with Burles. Uga was there and we won! Yay for basketball starting off the season ahead. It doesn’t always happen around these parts.

And finally, Auburn. It’s nice to have a senior class that’s never lost to Auburn. That’s something to be pretty proud of. And also, I would just like to point out, the fact that neither we nor Auburn (and for that matter, Kentucky) are ranked, but we are still playing night games on National Television, is pretty darn cool. All of these night games have been really exhausting, but still.

Me and Peaser, since we didn’t get a picture at Tenn Tech. Shame on us!

Me and Jamie:

And last, but certainly not least:

Okay, must go finish my homework before Gossip Girl. And there’s a meteor shower tonight! I’m so excited! AND New Moon comes out this week! Yay!!! Awesome week!


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