Of Randomness

So, the meteor shower last night was not as big as we had thought. But we ended up seeing about 5 or 6, which is still awesome because how often do you see that many? I accidentally left my camera in the car, but I decided not to go get it because sometimes, I like to just cherish moments and not worry about having a million pictures to put on my blog. (Sorry, kids.) Besides, it was dark. It was really wonderful, though, just get to hang out and talk and marvel at the stars and God’s creation, because, really, how often do you get the opportunity to do that?

Tonight, since the rooms and I have been feeling a little out of sorts, we decided we needed some good ‘ole Hot and Sour Soup from Peking to, ya know, clear some things out. Nothing big, just some stuffy noses and a little bronchitis.


It was, of course, delicious. And, I got a great fortune to boot!

You will be fortunate in the opportunities presented to you.

Except I would probably change fortunate for blessed. BUT, I sure hope so!

Okay, now to get back to reading before the New Moon Fashion Police is on at 10:30. Trying to survive the rest of this week without any clean clothes and just a tiny bit of toilet paper on the roll so I can steal some from my parents! Not sure I’m going to make it though…

By the way, countdown to New Moon: 2 days!!! It’s so close! I’m so excited!

ALSO, just because I hate to not give you any pictures at all, this one is from our Spring Break in Vegas. We saw it when we were out shopping and it definitely made us all go, “Huh???” This was also the same shopping trip that Peaser made the comment, “All of the prices have commas in them.” Hahahaha


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