The Long and Winding Road- The Beatles

So last weekend was full of ups and downs. It started out great with the New Moon premiere but then ended on a sour note with us losing the game along with a few other things that I don’t feel the need to mention for all the world to see.


New Moon! Edward! Jacob! JACOB!! JACOOOOB!!!! Oh my! Watching his rock-hard pecks and 6 pack abs for 2 hours almost made me go Team Jacob! Holy crap!

(By the way, random side note. My mom listens to a LOT of talk radio and today, we were listening to Neal Boortz and he said ‘clusterfornication.’ Which is probably the best thing I’ve heard in a loooooong time. So I’m going to try to implement it into my vocabulary. Just thought you’d like to know.)

But back to New Moon. So my wonderful roommate got to the theatre an hour and 15 minutes before the show was supposed to start so we could have good seats. Because when we went to see Twilight, we got there late and had to sit on the front row. And it was awful. We literally had to turn our heads from side to side to see the action. Dannon, Deanna, and I probably got there about 15 minutes later, so we had a good hour to kill before the show started. So we just chatted and hung out.

The movie was… good. Haha. I mean, they’re definitely not Oscar contenders or anything, but I just loved getting hyped up about something, even if it’s really kind of stupid. I DID think it was better than Twilight, so if that’s any indication of the future movies, they should be really good by the 4th!

Anyway, after the movie, I insisted we take a few pictures by the poster, despite everyone else’s protesting.

Me, Ro, Deanna, and Dannon, even though D and D aren’t paying attention:

This one is probably my favorite if only because of the awesome hand motion Ro is making:

And Ro, D and D making fun of/imitating the poster. Because that’s what we do.

By the way, we all had Team E or Team J shirts, but I left Rosemary’s at home because I suck and Deanna had to be all cool and stuff and hers is a sweatshirt that says Team J on the sleeve and has a 16 on the back. Because that’s how old Jacob is. And yes, I do realize I should be embarrassed that I act like this over high schoolers. But I’m not so whatever.

As for Saturday, I was already sad because it was my last home game as a student and the Uga VII had to up and die and then we had to lose so basically, the only reason I was happy was because of this:

me, Peaser, Kristin Mardis and Kim:

And look who finally got to go to a game this year because she declined all of her student fees and who knew that being able to sign up for football tickets was a part of your student fees? Not me.

Annnnd one of the pirate nose-ring because once you got used to it, it was pretty badass:

BY THE WAY, PETA can go suck it because the day we have a robotic Dawg in Sanford Stadium is the day I start cheering for Florida stop cheering for Georgia. Except not because I will never do that.

Y’all have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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