Random Thoughts… It’s Baaaaack!!

So, originally, this was going to be a Wordless Wednesday, but not so Wordless and not on Wednesday. But, now it’s Friday and I’ve had a few thoughts (not tooo many) since then and it’s been a while since I’ve done Random Thoughts so I thought I’d just do that.

On Wednesday, Michelle and I had dinner and decorated her Christmas tree. This is how I transported the wine. Classy, I know.

I was just watching Say Yes to the Dress and it occurred to me that Jewish people don’t recite verses from the New Testament. Which means no 1 Corinthians 13. Which I am TOTALLY fine with. Waaaay to0 overdone. (No offense, Paul. Or anyone that’s used it in their wedding.)

Run, don’t walk, RUN to the Gap right now. All, and I do mean ALL of their shirts are on Sale right now. As in, buy one, get one FO FREE!!!! Yes, that’s right. Free. Even shirts that are on sale. Are buy one, get one FO FREE! Don’t worry, though. I didn’t go overboard at all. Not even a little bit. (Ha. Ha. Ha.)

I went to the Target today and did not find one single thing I wanted needed. It was a frickin’ miracle. Same with the Old Navy. What is happening in this world? But it’s okay, because I more than made up for it at the Gap.

On that note, I’m looking for some leg warmers, preferably in gray. But I’ll take black too. I found some at Icing, but they were $14 and I just don’t know…. But I found these at Forever, but since I’m wearing them under boots, I don’t know about the rosettes. I love them, but I just don’t know how they would work under boots. Soooo, I need YOUR opinion. What do you think?

Deanna, Rosemary, and I are thinking of opening our own business.

Last night, Deanna, Claire and I went to see Yo Soybean again. And they were great, again. I’m a slacker and didn’t take any pictures. But Claire is going to the SEC Championship tomorrow and I’m insanely jealous. So is Kathleen. And I’m just as jealous of her.

I want pie. But all I have is Rainbow Chip Chips Ahoy cookies. So I guess that’s what I’ll have. I feel like there’s an analogy for life somewhere in there, but it’s Friday and yesterday was my last Tuesday/Thursday class ever, so I’m not really in the mood for thinking deep thought. I just want to eat my cookies.


One Comment on “Random Thoughts… It’s Baaaaack!!”

  1. Pease says:

    I like the ones from Forever, however, if your calves are a little tight in the boots..it won’t work. ha I proved to Ross a/b my calves at the mall by trying on tons of boots. It was great fun…miss you!

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