Baby, It’s Cold Outside- Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews

So in an effort to look at the glass as half full, these are some things that I like about the cold weather.

1. Hot drinks.

Hot_Drink_by_marinefromhellHa! Okay, that’s not totally what I meant, but I do love hot chocolate, coffee, cider, anything warm! Right now, I’m drinking chicken broth heated up in a mug. It’s just like chicken soup! Minus the chicken and noodles, that is.

2. Sweaters!

sweatersDoesn’t she look so warm and toasty?

I’m talkin’ cardigans, crew necks, sweat shirts, anything to layer, I love it! But I do have to say, once I’ve worn them all once or even twice for the ones I really love, I’m kinda over it.

3. My Uggs!

cardygreymainNow, I do realize that a lot of people are violently opposed to Uggs. But I LOVE these! I didn’t get them until February last year, and by then Ugg season was almost over with, but this year, I’m looking forward to wearing them as often as possible! In fact, I’m wearing them right now!

4. Scarves!!

scarfAlthough I must say I don’t look nearly as cool as she does in my scarves. But seriously, the worst thing ever is a cold neck. Okay, maybe not the worst thing ever, but close.

5. Fires!!

Unfortunately, my apartment doesn’t have a fireplace, but my parent’s house does and one of my favorite things is sitting in the little hearth chair next to the fireplace when it’s cold and watching football. Or a movie. Or anything, really.

Hmmmmm…. So in reviewing my list, it seems as though the only things I like about cold weather is getting warm. Well, I feel that’s pretty typical from a Georgia girl. But I don’t hate snow, for about 30 minutes. But then I’m over it. I wonder, though, if it will snow again this year! Two years in a row! That would be crazy!


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