Lot of Leavin’ Left to Do -Dierks Bentley

So, per Peaser’s request via the Twitter, here is a blog post. It’s not going to be much, but it’s something. I’m hungry.

On Friday, I graduated. Lots more to say about that later, but it was weird and good, but not as much fun as the first one. (Probably because the first time I wasn’t actually graduating, I was just sitting on the field with my friends who were graduating and I could pretend to put my life off for a little while longer. Well, no more.)

But here is a picture of my grandfather (Big Daddy), Mom, me, Dad, and Chance.

I got lots of awesome stuff, including a NEW CAMERA!! Unfortunately, no pictures will be posted from the new camera until after Christmas because I have it on very good authority (a.k.a. my dad called me from the store and I’ve seen the box) that I’m getting a new laptop and there’s no way my current one would allow me to put any more programs on it to download said pictures onto the comp. (Running out of disk space on the hard drive will do that to you.)

On Saturday, I headed to the Alph to give Deanna her Snuggie. She actually really did love it, so that was exciting! We went to the Thrashers game, which they lost. That was less exciting.

Then yesterday and today, I’ve been packing up my apartment, which has been even less exciting. I HATE packing and moving with a passion. And I seem to do a lot of it!

Now I’m trying to cram all my clothes into my closet. But there is no room at the inn. Hmmmm. Can we remodel?


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