In which we Shreve’d the Port

Okay, soooo I’m back. Finally.

I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath.

But I have a good excuse. Several, actually. (And yes, I’ve heard that excuses are like ass butt holes. Everyone has them and they all stink. Or is that opinions? Either way.)


Truly, I’ve been super busy. Graduation, visiting Deanna, moving out of my apartment, Christmas, then Christmas in Charlotte, Shreveport for the bowl game and now home. And tomorrow is New Year’s Eve in Athens and then on Saturday I’m hosting a high school class reunion party. I’m ready for some down time. Or not because that means I have to start organizing my life. Oh, well.

Since I’m not really one to do things in order of which they should be done, but rather in order of which I want to do them, I’m going to start with the bowl game. Granted, this is probably a VERY dumb idea on my part because there will have to be a lot of back story with it, but it’s not like that’s ever stopped me before.

I guess I should start with a couple of weeks before Graduation. I was having lunch with my mom and grandmother and I told my mom I wouldn’t be able to go to the bowl game because it was the 28th and we were going to see her family in Charlotte on the 26th and there was just no way I could get back in time. And she came up with the ingenious idea of me flying from Charlotte. And she and Dad would pay for it. Okay by me!

So I called Sarah, who has been my football friend on more than one occasion and asked if she was still headed to Shreveport with her friend Alec. When she replied with the affirmative, I begged pleaded asked if they minded if I came along. To which she responded that they would love to have me.

So, skipping forward a couple of weeks, I am boarding the plane from Charlotte to Birmingham to be picked up by Sarah and Alec with my new Graduation camera in tow (along with about 100 other essentials I would need in the 3 days we would be gone. Light packer, I am not.)

And thus begins perhaps the longest post this blog has ever seen.

We’re on our way!

Alec, our faithful driver and sole boy. I don’t think he hated being with 2 girls in the car for a combined ~30 hours too much. Apart from the FIVE WHOLE FRICKIN’ MINUTES we spend talking about engagement rings. Geez Louise, you would have thought we went on for hours, the way he acted about it.

Our entertainment for the car ride: The HUGE Crossword puzzle

And the Shawn Michaels biography. Who is a wrestler, in case you didn’t know.

Usually, I love to get pictures of Welcome to such and such state signs. But this trip, I got a grand total of one. And you can barely see it. Ha!

So after what seemed like a really quick 10 hour drive, we finally got to Shreveport and checked into our hotel. I showered and we headed out to grab some supper. Well, about an hour and a half and 10 restaurants later, we finally found a place to eat. Places were either closed, over seating capacity, served meals that started at $45, or simply NOT THERE when we drove past them. As in, the GPS said they were there, but we couldn’t see them. So finally, we went to a hotel/casino and ate there.

These are their hungry faces.

After eating at the Horseshoe with one of the most entertaining waitresses I’ve had in a long time, we headed to the casino where I impressed Sarah and Alec with my penny slot skillz that I picked up in The Vegas. After playing those for a few minutes, we each went and lost some money at the Blackjack table, then I lost some money learning to play Baccarat (which I really liked, by the way). After that, we decided we had lost enough money for the day and it was time to pack it in and get ready for the game.

Monday, we got up, got ready and headed out to get us some bodacious bar-b-que for tailgating. It’s one of Sarah’s favorite bar-b-que places and it was really good! Not Holcomb’s, but still, really good.

After picking up lunch, it was time to get some beer for the tailgate.

Tailgating. The Stadium. Teniney.

The awesome cooler that held our beer that we barely drank because the thought of drinking cold beer was almost unbearable. Or unbeerable. Ha!

Inside the stadium. I truly have no idea why anyone would go to Shreveport unless it was to go to this bowl game.

The Independence Bowl mascot.

There were probably as many LSU fans at the game as there were Georgia fans. Fo rizzle.

Sarah had to throw up the ‘Hook ’em Horns’ in defiance of all the Aggies that surrounded us.

Of course we had a flyover.

And here come the Dawgs! Well, the cheerleaders at least.

And after what seemed like 27 punts, we finally put some points on the board, thanks in part to Brandon Boykin and his awesome kick-off return abilities.

We had some half-time entertainment from the fire twirler. Or better known as Fire Girl. The A & M fans really got a kick out of her!

We took a picture because at that point we were happy and let’s be honest. None of us were sure it was going to last.

But lo and behold it did! And when the scoreboard read this:

The Aggie side of the stadium looked like this:

And by the time the scoreboard looked like this

Well, those Aggies had all but deserted us.

Final score.

The team celebrating.

Us celebrating.

And the perfect end to a great day: Waffle House. Always my favorite!

On Tuesday, Alec and I slept in and then we hit the road. After about 6 hours of us ragging on her, this is how Sarah felt about us.

Hahahahaha! Just kidding! She loved us anyway! And we loved her!

Seriously, though, after Sunday night, this trip was looking like one of those where its only saving grace is the people you’re with. But Monday was much better. And so, being with great friends is just an added bonus!

This season didn’t exactly go the way I expected it to when I decided to stay an extra semester to watch football from the North endzone. But I had fun, and that’s what matters. And truly, you can’t win them all. I think this season taught me about loyalty to your team more than anything. It’s easy to cheer and go on long road trips when you go 10-2, but a team that only goes 8-5 isn’t always fun to watch. A few years ago, my dad told me he’s sat many season in Sanford Stadium watching the Dawgs lose game after game. But, those good seasons make it all worth it. And truly, winning is THAT much sweeter when it’s tasted after defeat. I highly doubt beating Tech this year would have been as awesome if they hadn’t beaten us last year. But there is never an excuse for losing to Kentucky!

Okay, officially the longest post EVER on this blog! I think I need to cut waaaaay back on my picture taking! I just love my new camera so much!

Goooooooooo Dawgs! Sic ’em!

(And Roll Tide!)

Oh, and Urban Meyer is an ass. Like I knew all along. Not telling your family? Give me a break! That’s sad!

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” -Abraham Lincoln


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