Merry (Belated) Christmas!!!

So here is my recap of Christmas. Then later I will do Graduation. Then New Year’s and then my 5 (4.5) year High School Class Reunion. Then I shall be caught up. But I’m sure by the time that happens, I will be behind again.

Oh dear. Does it ever end? Ha!

Well, here is my Christmas in a nutshell. We always do Christmas Day with my dad’s family since they live just down the road and then some other time do Christmas with my mom’s family. It’s just whenever works for everyone. This year happened to be the day after Christmas.

With my dad’s family, we began drawing names so that everyone just has one gift to open. I LOVE this! None of us need anything, so it is so nice to just shop for one person and not have so much stuff! I honestly wouldn’t mind if we didn’t even do presents! This is probably one sign that you’re getting old is if you don’t mind if you get presents or not! Well, unless there’s something I really want! But this year I drew my mom’s name and I painted something for her that she requested and my cousin drew my name and he got me this awesome picture that has 5 different black and white pictures of things found in nature that spell out Sloan! And a super cute Vera purse and a new Georgia sweatshirt that is awesome and vintage-looking.

Kendrick and me handing out Christmas gifts.

Mama with the picture I painted her.

My name picture!

The grandchildren and the grandparents: me, Chance, Chandler, LaLa, Big Daddy, and Kendrick.

Everyone. Mom, me, Chance, Chandler, Kendrick, Uncle Andy, Aunt Suzan, LaLa, Big Daddy, and Dad.

LaLa and Mama with the apron that Mama made her 25 years ago the Christmas before Mama and Daddy got married! LaLa had just found it and washed it and decided to wear it. I loved that.

me, LaLa and Kendrick

LaLa and Big Daddy. LaLa and I have the same sweater. She saw it on me and liked it, so I bought her one to match!

And now onto Christmas in Charlotte! Except we really aren’t in Charlotte, we’re at my uncle’s house in some tiny town in South Carolina, but my mom’s from Charlotte and her parents still live in that area, so I still say we’re going to Charlotte.

Mimi and Papa

My cousin Grace who is almost 9. She refused to smile with her teeth and that drives me crazy! This is her laughing because I was trying to make her smile for real!

Grace with Mimi and Papa. She took one with that fake smile of hers, but I still like this one soooo much better!

My aunt and uncle’s Christmas tree. It has ONE STRAND OF LIGHTS ON IT! Ha! And that’s it! Our tree probably has about 20! And about 400 ornaments! (That still need to be put away. Don’t remind me.) But I guess their’s is a LOT easier to take down! To each, his own, as Mama always says.

Me with my cousins Jake and Wylie.

All the cousins in birth order from right to left: Jake, me, Mary, Chance, Wylie, and Grace.

And now in height order. And yes, at one point in time, I was the tallest.

So that was my Christmas in a rather large nutshell. Like most of them, it was wonderful. And then of course, the next day, I packed up and hit the road for Shreveport, which was also wonderful.

Okay, now I am DETERMINED to go run. It’s going to be cold. And I’m out of shape. But I’m going to do it. I think. Oh geez. Okay. Off to bundle up! I heard we might be getting snow soon!


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