Graduation (Friends Forever)- Vitamin C

Okay, so I’m doing my class reunion. My main only reason for doing this is because I have all of those pictures on my computer. Right now, having two cameras is a pain in the but. t. But hopefully I will figure out this Mac soon and can get everything under control. A leetle bit frustrated right now because all of my music didn’t transfer and NONE of my playlists did. So I’m really hoping that when I plug my iPod in, it will transfer to the new comp. But I’m guessing it won’t. Oh well. Cross that bridge when I get to it.


On Saturday, my high school class got together for a reunion down at the ole parentals lake house for dinner and catching up. It really made me sad to think about how I lost touch with so many of them after graduation. Some of us had been in the same class since kindergarten! (Going to a tiny private school will do that to you! I graduated with 22 people in my class!) So I was really excited to get to see everyone and hang out.

It’s crazy how much has changed in the last 4.5 years. 5 people are married. 2 to each other. 2 have babies. 2 have a baby on the way. 1 that has a baby is having her second. We’ve all graduated from college or have jobs. Some both. We’ve just really grown up. Well, in some ways. But not in others. Ha! We all brought food (including 3 green bean casseroles! Yum!) and just hung out and watched our Senior Video which has pictures and videos of all of us growing up and playing sports and just hanging out. It was funny to look back. The best part was, even though the party was supposed to end at 9, some of us just stayed and hung out and hooked up the N64 and played until after 11.

It was so wonderful to get to hang out with old friends. I really hope we all get to do it soon!

Here are a few pictures I took during the night.

Of course I had to decorate a little bit. Our school colors were green, black, and white, so I cut some greenery from around the house and used green beer bottles for decorating.

Everyone that was there. About half of our class showed up, which wasn’t bad, but I will say that I was disappointed that more people didn’t come. Luke, Jessie, Adam, Heather, Conrad, Morgan, Rachel, me, Sarah, Amanda, Craig and Jamie.

All the girls.

One of the marrieds. Heather with Tyler.

The marrieds to each other, Jessie and Jamie. (Does that even make sense?)

Jamie grabbed my camera and took a few pictures. Heather, Morgan and Jessie.

But then he had to sit down and play N64.

Okay, so story. Adam tells some of the funniest tales you will ever hear and makes some of the funniest faces while doing it. So these are some of his faces and some of Jessie’s and Heather’s laughing at him.

I just really love Jessie’s face in this one.

And look how satisfied he is with himself! Ha!

In other great news, the Dawgs beat the Jackets tonight in basketball. And they got beat in the Orange Bowl. Bad day to be a Jacket = good day to be a Dawg!

I’m getting my hair cut on Thursday. As in, big cut. I think. We’ll see how it turns out.

And tomorrow I’m going to Athens for a memorial service for a sweet friend who died coming back to Athens for New Years Eve. I probably only hung out with Michael Warren a few times, but those times I did, he radiated a love for the Lord and for his friends. And for the Georgia Bulldogs. He was a sweet guy and will be missed by so many. It’s always so strange when someone so young dies. Hard to understand. Ah, well. He is spending 2010 with Jesus. He is so lucky and blessed! As we are to have known him.


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