Rammer Jammer, Yellow Hammer

So how ’bout that National Championship?

Although at the beginning, I was calling for that TIDE TO ROLL, Y’ALL, towards the end, I really wanted Texas to win because how outrageously awesome would it have been for a 18 year old, true freshman, back-up quarterback to come in after his Heisman Trophy nominee starter got hurt and still go on to win the game. Alas, it wouldn’t happen because he would throw 2 picks and have a fumble that would all turn into touchdowns. But Garrett Gilbert, despite everything, you played one heck of a game. And in 4 years, I will remember this game and how well you played despite the fact that you were probably shaking in your cleats. Hell, I know I sure would have been. And throwing up on the sidelines after every series. Among other things.


I found this tonight on Georgia Sports Blog and just knew that a few of y’all out there would love it as much as I did. Because I’m a sucker for a good sports story. And a boy that loves his mother.


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