Drinkin’ Again- Corey Smith

Because I didn’t get off work until pretty late on Wednesday, I decided just to stay with Cris that night and head home on Thursday. Well, during the many times Deanna and I talked to each other Thursday morning, she suggested I just come to Athens for the day because we were starting to have separation anxiety hadn’t seen each other in a few days. Well, if I must, I must, right?

So I picked her up from class and we headed back to her house to eat lunch, watch some Glee, take a nap (for me, anyway), and just hang out. Later, Kyndal (Deanna’s roommate), Deanna, and I headed to Terrapin to met up with Ro before eating dinner at La Parilla. That is significant, because La Parilla is the first Mexican place I ever ate at that I actually liked and don’t mind eating at. Most people love Mexican, I can definitely do with out it. Chinese is a different story, though.

Anyway, these are some pics we took at Terrapin, for your viewing pleasure. Ha!

We thought it was neat how every beer was so different from the others. So we were crazy, artsy freaks and took pictures of them.

Have I mentioned before that Deanna has OCD tendencies? Because she does. (This one is also probably Kathleen’s favorite, also. Ha!)

And last one. My personal fave.

Me and Ro

And an awkward one. On my part, anyway.

And an even more awkward one. Except Rosemary always looks precious. How? I want to know.

Kyndal!!! What up??

Our feet. Someone has a foot fetish perhaps? Ha! (And yes, I’m the one wearing the striped socks. Dorky, I know, but I like it.)

And I finally get my camera back.

Beautiful roommates.

Then we decided to play the emotion game. Which is where one person yells out an emotion or a situation and then takes a picture of the other people’s reactions to it.

Rosemary explaining the rules.

Mary is the puppeteer and Lulu and Deanna are the puppets.

Lulu is Santa Claus, Mary is the mistress, and Deanna is Mrs. Claus.

Walk in on your parents having sex… a personal fave.

Melodramatic (I just love D’s reaction to Lulu!)

Mary’s reaction to her first shot.

Mad that Lulu came back to the table.

And now happy Lulu is back!

Okay, sorry. I know you’re bored now. I’m done.

In other news, Chelsea Handler is going to be at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta the day after my birthday and we ORDERED TICKETS TODAY!!!!!

I CAN’T WAIT! Me, Peaser, Claire, Iz, Rosemary, and Maggie are all going together. It’s going to be so funny! She’s hilarious! I need to reread her books before we go. And preorder her next book which releases on March 9!! I will seriously be excited about this for the rest of my life. No joke. She’s so awesome. We used to talk about how much we wanted to be on her show, then we realized, what if she doesn’t like us!

On another note, Good Burger is going to be on Nickelodeon Sunday night at 8. I miss old school TV.

“Time you enjoyed wasting, was not wasted.” -John Lennon


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