There is no I in Team

So, yesterday, someone found my blog searching for ‘chelsea handler feet.’ WHAT?!?!?! Does someone have a foot fetish they came to my blog to satisfy? And now that I’ve posted about foot fetishes 2 posts in a row, it’s time to move on.

So lest you think this post is narcissistic, please realize that I ALMOST didn’t write it. But, in an effort to remain real (and because the 5 people that read this blog hopefully love me no matter what), I posted it anyway. Mostly to show off my new haircut and my sweater that makes me feel like Ms. Pillsbury. From Glee. The best show ever. That won the Golden Globe for Best TV Show, Musical or Comedy.

Love her. She’s the cutest thing eveeeeerrrr!

If I had to choose a show to be on, this one would be it. Hands down. Oh wait. Gossip Girl.

Never mind. I can’t decide.

Okay. Back to me. :) Ha!

This is the first picture I took, trying to show off the new hair and sweater.

Got the hair. And the crooked nose. And the bags under my eyes. But not the whole sweater. Try again.

Hey! I have an idea! Turn my head to the side like I have a friend in the picture and maybe my nose won’t look so crooked! And take it long-ways so I can get the whole sweater! Perfect!

Whoa! And now my nose looks even MORE crooked! I didn’t know that was possible! And I have a lazy eye! But you can kinda see the rest of the sweater….

Maybe this time, I’ll just get one of the sweater. Eh. Haircut’s not that necessary.

Man. Gotta love that double chin that’s growing in. Or not.

No flash.

You can see my hair better. And how crooked my TEETH are now! Geez Louise. I guess that’s what happens when you only wear your retainer for ~3 weeks before losing it. (And yes, I totally threw it away in the 8th grade during lunch and had to DIG through the trash can to get it out. Sick.)

Okay, on that note, I guess it’s time for me to close out. I’m really having a hard time with concluding these things lately. Probably because my life as an “adult” is rather lack-lustre. Lots of pajamas at 7:30 and watching the Real World. Which means my TV watching has hit an all-time low. You would think married people would watch more, I guess, “high class” entertainment, but no.

On another note, I did get have dinner with the Peaser on Monday night, which was long over due. As in, I haven’t seen her since the Kentucky game, which was BEFORE THANKSGIVING! Oh, the humanity!!!

“Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” -The Wizard of Oz


4 Comments on “There is no I in Team”

  1. Kathleen says:


    Love the sweater, very cute. Only you could pull that one off. And I never thought your nose was crooked, but if you are convinced that it is, I still love you and your little crooked nose! hah

    • sloandefyinggravity says:

      But you can tell it’s crooked in the pictures. Usually you can’t in real life, but you can in these pictures. Right? Don’t make me think I’m crazy, Kathles.

  2. sloandefyinggravity says:

    Haha nice try, but my nose is crooked. For real. But thanks for trying to make me feel better.

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