Random Thoughts: Deep Edition

So I’m going to try to write this post while watching Chelsea Lately. And yes, I’m going to try to write deep thoughts while doing it. Hopefully, they will make sense. These are just some thoughts I’ve had in the past few days and I’m hoping that by writing them down, I’ll remember them and actually apply them to my life. What a concept!

So last night, I was on the Twitter and saw that one of the BEST SHOWS EVER’s website that I follow had a spoiler on it. Now, this particular site will randomly post these spoilers and I’ve tried very hard to resist them. In the past, I’ve loved reading spoilers, but recently, I’ve tried to resist. Well, this time, I took Dorian Gray’s advice and succumbed to temptation. And I wish I hadn’t. Because I read the most DEVASTATING NEWS EVER. (And no, I won’t reveal it here. But if you really want to know, text me or email me and I’ll tell you. But I’m warning you. It’s bad.) So of course, when ever I have any type of emotional change, the first place I go is the Twitter. And I posted this: Just heard the WORST news ever… at least in my dream TV world. (I didn’t want anyone to think that something bad had actually happened.) Well, Jami tweeted at me, asking what it was and I told her that I couldn’t possibly say it on the Twitter, so she texted me and I told her. She tried her best to comfort me by reminding me of a similar thing happening on another TV show we watch religiously and that it worked out on that show. And then, we did the typical haha omg we treat these people like they’re our friends haha. But then, it hit me. I do treat these people like my friends. Sometimes I treat them better than my actual friends. And for the most part, I invest waaaaay more into these shows than the people that live and walk and talk and, here’s the clincher, care about me. So, from here on out, I’m going to try to change that. By calling, writing, and visiting. For real. Because life is too short to not invest it in real people. Who love you and care about your well-being.

And my next Aha! Moment.

Tuesday was not my favorite day of work. Just random, little things that added up to a not-great day. There wasn’t really anything that I can put my finger on to say it was bad, necessarily, but I was definitely glad to head home. On Wednesday, as I was driving to work, I started talking to God and thanking Him for all of the blessings in my life. Namely, a place to stay, good friends, a job that pays, etc. And Wednesday was MUCH better than Tuesday. And so, that is just my little PSA to ‘start each day with a grateful heart.’ I don’t know that the day itself was better, or if just my attitude was better. But really, it doesn’t matter. So I’m going to try to begin each day with a grateful heart and encourage you to do the same. See if it doesn’t make a difference.

Not to us, O Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness. Psalm 115:1


One Comment on “Random Thoughts: Deep Edition”

  1. Kathleen says:

    So it’s Monday and I’m at work reading this, and it brightened up my day. Very thought-provoking Sloan, I like it a lot! :)

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