There’s a Fox in the Dawg House!

Yeah, yeah. I know that title’s been used all over Athens, but I never claimed to be original or particularly creative when it came to blog titles.

Saturday, I went to my second basketball game of the season. Now, I know I go on and on about football. But if you think I love football, you should see me at a basketball game. And don’t even get me started on baseball. Ha! Actually, I think each season comes at the perfect time. Football is at the beginning of the school year, everyone’s excited about being back in Athens and with their friends and seeing what our team’s got. (Even though some years we have more than others.) Because let’s face it. Most of us have been thinking about the next football season since January. Basketball is great because it’s inside when it’s cold outside! And it’s a little more chill because well, Georgia’s not exactly known as a basketball school. But that seems to be changing with Coach Fox. I mean, I never want to be known as a basketball school over a football school, but it would be nice to have a good basketball team that actually wins every once in a while. And baseball is awesome because it’s outside again and even more chill than basketball just as the school year is winding down and everyone is getting tired of homework and class.

Wow. I just reread that and it’s probably the most boring thing I’ve written in my life. But right now, the Bachelor is getting SUPER awkward and I just don’t have the TIME, y’all!

Anyway, the basketball game was AWESOME!!! I didn’t really expect to win that game because well, our bench isn’t as deep as I’d like it to be and we’ve had a tendency to let a few slip through our fingers. But hey. At least this year, though, we’ve had leads to lose! I’m trying to see the glass as half-full here, people.

EDITED TO ADD: But the game would probably have been almost just as awesome because I went with Alec. He is just so funny and wonderful and I always have a great time with him. Except for when he falls on the floor laughing at me for tripping up the stairs. But other than that, he’s awesome. Except I have probably never heard so many dirty jokes in my life. But other than that, he’s fabulous. Except that he always thinks we’re going to lose. But other than that….

(Alec, are you happy now?)




HE JUST THREW THE ROSE IN THE FIRE!!!! This show is so intense!! Ha!

Okay, back to the game.

Seriously, though. Who knew we would lead the WHOLE ENTIRE GAME? By DOUBLE DIGITS! I don’t recognize this team… which is not a bad thing at all!

(I think I’ve maxed out my use of italics and CAPS LOCK for this post, by the way.)

This was my favorite poster EVER!! So hilarious!!!

The beginning of “Rocky.” The guy with the striped tights on on the right side of the picture is covered with PEANUT BUTTER! Sick!

And the FINAL SCORE!!!!

Okay, Bachelor note again. ALL OF THESE GIRLS THROWING VIENNA (and yes, I think of the sausage every single time) IS DRIVING ME NUTS!!! I don’t like her, but if he like you, he likes you. Trash talking her is not going to GET YOU THE ROSE!

Okay, I’m going to try to post this before the Bachelor is over with because I’m sure you’re sick of my running commentary. And truthfully, I’m a little sick of it too. But this show is just so addicting!

By the way, Bruce Pearl is 20 years too late on the Jersey Shore.

That would be him with Layla Kiffin. Who is Lane Kiffin’s wife. Just wanted to rub a little salt in the wound. Haha! Eh. I’m pretty sure no Tennessee fans read my blog.


3 Comments on “There’s a Fox in the Dawg House!”

  1. Alec Pierce says:

    Pretty sure I told you about the bruce pearl picture, so that makes us even on the tebow thing. Also, why don’t you tell the world why the game was really fun (besides the dawgs winning)….

    • sloandefyinggravity says:

      I “fixed” it. And that’s the first picture that comes up when you google image Bruce Pearl. So we’re not even on the Tebow thing.

  2. Alec Pierce says:

    I suppose that will suffice. There’s an awful lot of exceptions up there though. I may not be perfect, but there’s no reason for people to think I’m not. We will settle this when I’m in a better state of mind and haven’t spend the last 5 hours studying the equity method of accounting for investments and the rise of principles-based accounting standards against the previously used rules and GAAP based standards.

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