Lessons Learned- Carrie Underwood

So I learned a few things this weekend that I thought that I would share with the world.

1.) Too many people in this world are looking for pictures of Lalya Kiffin. She’s married to scum. Get over it.

2.) If you ever spill nail polish on carpet, shaving cream will get it out. Even if it’s Coconut-Mango-Tropical-whatever.

3.) Watching Miss America and eating wings is always a good idea. Having short hair and trying to win Miss America is not such a good idea. Miss Georgia, I’m looking at you.

4.) Sometimes, things you’re really excited about don’t really work out as well as you thought they would. Case in point: Taylor Swift is not meant to sing Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks is not meant to sing country. But it doesn’t mean I love either one of them less.


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