good luck with this one…

There hasn’t been a lot happening in my life lately and what has happened, I haven’t taken pictures of and really, who wants to read a blog with no pictures? I know that there are very few blogs I read that don’t include pictures often because sometimes people’s words are kind of not that interesting to me. Even my own are not that interesting sometimes. Ha!

But, part of the reason why I blog is because I want my children and grandchildren to know me before I became “Mom” or “Grandma” so I’m trying to make a better effort of blogging even if I haven’t taken pictures or if I can’t come up with anything particularly creative for that day or whatever.


So I Friday, I decided to head to Athens. Mom and I were supposed to go because she had some errands to run but then she remembered she had to work at the thrift store but I had already told Deanna I was coming, so I just ended up going ahead and going. Because really, what else was I going to do if I stayed home? Certainly not clean my room or anything productive.

So head to Athens, I did!

D and Ro and I grabbed a quick dinner at Your Pie because it was at Five Points which was close to where Ro was and I wanted pizza since Sarah and I were supposed to go to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen (my FAVE!!!) but rush hour traffic and my phone being dead prevented that from happening. Instead of pizza, though, I got the salad and that was a Good Decision because I had been craving a salad and had texted D on Wednesday and told her to bring me a salad from Transmet at work. You know, because she’s not in grad school and doesn’t have 2 jobs right now so she has time to run me a salad up to the ATL and all. After we ate, D and I headed to the art school because she had a meeting and then we went to see Leap Year at the Dollar because it’s one of our favorite places because well, you can see a movie for just $2, which is so much cheaper than the $10 it costs at the regular theatre. It was cute, but super short. Which was fine because it was one of those movies that it didn’t need to be any longer and I just really hate when movies last so much longer than they need to. After the movie, I met up with Michelle and Claire and Claire’s friend Julie and we went downtown for a drink at Blue Sky. It was nice for us to hang out and I really like Blue Sky because it’s super chill and not loud and crowded and you can actually talk to people. (Which, who knew you could actually talk to people when you’re in a bar? Not me!) Anyway, Michelle and I left pretty early and went home because she had gotten up early for work and I was going to an iron pour with Deanna and her friend Addie the next day.

(By the way, how freaking many run-on sentences did I write in that last paragraph? I guess I’ll never know because honestly, I usually don’t even re-read what I write! See, not even I’m interested in it, so why should anyone else be? Ha!)

So on Saturday, D and I got up to go to the iron pour. I was following her because afterwards she was going to work and I was planning on going home. Well, on our way out of her neighborhood, she rear-ended the lady in front of her. I think she thought the lady was going because, well, honestly she had plenty of time, but the lady wasn’t going. So Deanna tore her bumper up pretty good, but fortunately it didn’t do any damage to the other lady’s car. The sad news is, Deanna’s dad decided it wasn’t worth fixing it because to get it fixed was almost as much as the car was worth, so now her car is gone. :( Which I totally understand because getting rid of your first car is really, super depressing. And, truth be told, I’m pretty sad her car is gone too. Some people, you just associate with their cars. And truthfully, college is so much change and turmoil and the one constant thing that you have (physically) is your car. It just becomes part of you and you rely on it so much. So it’s sad when it’s time to get a new one.

Holy crap, this post is so long. I promise I will have a point somewhere in here. Maybe.

So anyway, we ended up going to the Grill to eat breakfast/lunch, which I guess is called by most civilized people brunch. After that, we went to the iron pour and I took D to work and went to hang out with Michelle for a little while. We went and got ice cream and then went to the Verizon store where I discovered that they don’t make car chargers any more for my phone because it is so old and I need want a droid. Holy crap that’s the coolest phone I’ve ever seen. Mostly because it’s like an iPhone but it still has the full keypad my phone has, which is my favorite thing on a phone EVER. After that, we went to Wal-Mart where I promptly forgot 2 of the 3 things I needed to pick up. So I took Michelle back home because she was going to play tennis with her dad and went to Target where I ran into Rachel and talked to her for a while and then came this close to leaving Target without buying anything (which would have been the first time that’s ever happened) but then I remembered the other 2 things I was supposed to get from Wal-Mart. And they were kind of important, so I got them. My hair dryer has been on the fritz and hasn’t been drying my hair very well and I didn’t even realize it until I read Baby Bangs the other day and Melissa posted about the same thing. Oh how my mornings will go so much easier! And I’ve been needing some lotion because this thing has descended upon the South called Winter and it has made my skin Dry and so I decided it was time to throw away my lotion that expired in, oh 2004, and buy some that might actually moisturize! What a concept! Well, after that, I headed downtown to hang out at Heery’s with Deanna until she got off work to prevent myself from buying anything else and Alec texted me and told me if I was still in Athens, he had free Subway and we should stop by his house and get some. And the only time I like Subway better is when it has the word free in front of it, so that is exactly what we did. After our free Subway, we went to the studio because Deanna needed to work on a print making project. At one point, I decided to walk around and look at the stuff that had been posted on the walls. We were on the photography wing, which I loved. But I really discovered that I really only like pictures of people. Because really, people are more interesting and more important than anything else in this world. Which is probably why I haven’t taken more pictures lately because I don’t really have people I can take pictures of in my life right now.

So here are some pictures by one of my favorite photogs, Annie Leibovitz. She’s awesome and talented and makes people feel totally comfortable in front of her camera. Which is harder than it looks.

Annie herself.

I LOVED her Disney dreams series she did. ESPECIALLY the Cinderella one!

I loved this one because Tina Fey is Tink!

Beyonce is Alice!

Her portrait of Queen Elizabeth II

LOVE Willie Nelson!

And Cinderella!

Okay, I’m done. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a happy Monday and I will come back to you next time with pictures of people I know that I took and about 1000 fewer words. Promise.


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