These Are My People -Rodney Atkins

Wednesday, on my way home, Alec called me to talk about this weekend for the hundreth time. For some reason, we just can’t get it together. Our plans have changed so many times! And all we’re doing is go to dinner Friday night and then to the basketball game on Saturday. But anyway, he asked me if I had had a Fantastic Day, and I got to tell him that I did!

And it’s all because of these ladies (as Iz likes to call us).

Iz, me, Kathleen, Pease, and Claire

Man, we’re really far away.

Oh, how it restores my soul to see them!

We decided that since we’re all in the “Atlanta area,” we should meet up to go to dinner. Which we did.

Although it was a little harder to get us all together since we no longer all have the EXACT SAME SCHEDULE. Seriously, it used to be class and sorority and that was about it. Maybe a few other commitments here and there, but nothing that really prevented us from all getting together too much. But now, we’re growing up and it’s a little harder. We’re determined, though.

We went to a Mexican restaurant in Atlantic Station called Rosa Mexicano or something. It was really cool and good, but not that mexicany. But they did have AWESOME, HOMEMADE guac and it was sooooo good! Even Brittany ate some and didn’t hate it! And she likes (by her own admission) “bread and cheese.” Really though, we chose it because it was close to American Eagle, which is where we were shopping when Kathleen came and met the rest of us and Peaser really had to pee. Ha!

Anyway, we laughed and talked for hours. When our waitress came to take our order, we hadn’t even looked at the menu! But really, it was so great to see them and it’s so hard to not to see them ALL THE TIME. But most of us are going to see Chelsea Handler on March 28! So yay! I’m so excited!

Today, I went to the dentist (yuck!) and then tonight, my parents, Chance, and I went to trivia with some of my parent’s friends. It was really fun and we were winning until we lost the bonus question! By the way, the longest word that only uses one line of the keyboard is ‘typewriter.’

This weekend is Athens and lunch with Mackenzie, murder mystery dinner (if it doesn’t snow) with Sarah, Alec, and maybe Deanna and Michelle, shopping with Sarah on Saturday, and then the basketball game!

Yay for stuff to blog about!! Ha!


5 Comments on “These Are My People -Rodney Atkins”

  1. Pease says:

    AHH! I’ve always wanted to go to a murder mystery dinner! You will have to let me know how it goes! BTW I am so glad I see you so often now :)

  2. Kristin says:

    I’m so jealous yall got to see each other!!!! You girls look beautiful! :)

  3. Kristin says:

    Okay the smiley face looks a little gay when they have it in the yellow circle guy….I almost made fun of Peaser for it, but then it did the same for me. Lame. haha

    • sloandefyinggravity says:

      I know, the smiley face does look lame. I’m going to try to figure out how to fix it so it doesn’t do that because it’s weird when you’re reading along and then all of a sudden there’s this yellow circle thing.

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