A cold, the Pope, Snow, and Dawgs Victory

Let me just tell y’all, I earned my $10/hour today. I’m exhausted! I unpacked boxes and organized all day long. It probably doesn’t help matters that I have a cold. Ugh. I hate colds. I feel stupid because I can’t breathe out of my nose and so I walk around all day with my mouth open and have a hard time eating because I have to chew with my mouth open which is DISGUSTING.

Okay, that was probably TMI. Moving on.

Let me tell you. I had a great weekend! I got to play with my friends, take pictures, play in the snow, the Dawgs won, the Olympics started. It was, in a word, clutch.

It started snowing Friday when I was eating lunch with Mackenzie, Kristen, and Angela. So I hurried to Deanna’s house and we started watching The O.C. because Deanna has never seen the first season and it is probably the best season of a show EVER. (It’s no surprise that the producers are the same as the producers on Gossip Girl.) Then Alec called me because Sarah was stuck in a crap-ton of traffic and asked if D and I wanted to go sledding with him and Billy down the hill by their house since the murder mystery dinner was canceled.

Does the Pope crap in the woods?

(By the way, I think that’s the strangest saying.)

How am I supposed to do this??

The next morning, Deanna and I went and got Rosemary and her sled and play in the snow some more and have a photo shoot.

Ro giving Deanna a push.

There she goes!

Snow ball fight!

Snow Angels!

Deanna was sitting on this HUGE snowball and Ro came and jumped on it and it caved in! Ha!

Trying to dig a hole in the middle.

Trying to fit in the hole.

Rawr… I’m a lion. Haha!

Then we knocked the snowball over and made a chair!

After we played at this hill, we were headed to go eat lunch, but we decided to stop at a different hill and Ro and D slid down it a few times. It was reaaaalllyyy steep!

For the last run, they decided to go down together. They didn’t get very far. Ha!

Time to go!

After playing in the snow, me, Sarah, Alec, Daynes, James, and Kim headed to the basketball game. After being down for almost 35 minutes, we actually won! Usually, we’re ahead the whole game and then lose in the final minutes, but this time, we did just the opposite!

Me and Sarah before the game

This kid was especially funny during the Cocks free throws.

Mom and Dad came to the game, too!

I forgot to get a picture of the scoreboard, but the final score was 66 to 61. But really, all that matters is that we won and got free Canes.

Go Dawgs!

My only regret from this weekend is that I didn’t have my camera on me to get a picture of Alec and Billy in their Royal Rumble sleeveless t’s. Pure class, y’all.

Pure class.


4 Comments on “A cold, the Pope, Snow, and Dawgs Victory”

  1. Sarah "the Situation" says:

    I am glad you did not take that picture because then I wouldn’t be able to erase it from my memory… and yay for a great weekend together!

  2. sloandefyinggravity says:

    hahahaha i love that you call yourself ‘the Situation.’ I feel a new nickname coming on. How about Sitch? It’s a nickname and an abrev!!!

  3. Alec says:

    You know you love those shirts. Maybe next time we can have a match for the belt…

    Also, the pope crapping in the woods is my line. And its awesome. And the answer is he does, because he is a man. And thats what men do

    • sloandefyinggravity says:

      I can handle those shirts as long as they’re not worn in public.

      And you don’t own the pope crapping in the woods line.

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