Winter Wonderland- Louis Armstrong

Well, the work week is over. We’re in the new office, which is great. Mostly unpacked, which is even greater. I’m sure I’ll still have some things to do on Monday when I get back, though.

I just watched the Dawgs lose another road game. So far this season, we’re 0-9 on the road. That stinks. And is probably doing a huge number on our confidence level. But I’m still optimistic about how much we’ve improved this year from last year.

Tomorrow, I’m going to talk to the judge about my speeding ticket. It’s my first one ever, so I’m hoping he will be look upon me with favor and not put any points on my license. Pretty please! Also tomorrow, we’re headed to Charlotte for Papa’s 80th birthday party. Mama asked me to be the “official” (ha!) photographer, which I am happy to do!

Also, this is for comparison’s sake. And memory’s sake.

Snow in 2009:

Snow in 2010:

This is the first time I EVER remember having snow two years in a row! The first was taken on a Sunday, before the snow had finished falling. I think by the time it was done, we had over 6 inches. The second was taken on Saturday. The snow had started to melt by this point. I think the final count was three to four inches, but it was super powdery and fine and didn’t pack very well. But it was still fun to play in!

This is one of the reasons I love living in the South- snow is such a novelty! And it doesn’t last very long!

“When it snows, you have 2 choices: shovel or make snow angels.”  -Anon.


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