Today, I thought we weren’t going to have the internet at Cris and Marc’s. I was only slightly panicked. I think I may have some issues. But, when I finally got to get on Twitter, I learned that this girl is apparently getting her own fashion line. AMERICA, WE HAVE A PROBLEM.

In case you don’t recognize her semi-sober, that would be JWoww from the Jersey Shore. While her crazy, drunken antics were entertaining to watch on TV, who in their right mind would A) give her the chance to design a fashion line or B) actually buy purchase spend money on ANYTHING she would wear??


(Oh. I believe I failed to mention that this post is going to be random as heck.) (Just warning you.) In case you hadn’t realized it from the JWoww portion above.)


As you may know, Gossip Girl is back on. The second best thing about Gossip Girl being back the The Daily Intel starts their recaps of episodes again. It’s awesome. I love it and you should too.

The The Vegas Picture of the Day today comes from our little trip we took to In-N-Out Burger. It was delicious. And we had the best cab driver EVER (2 in the front, 3 in the back is what they would tell us over and over) on the way there, so we called him to come back and get us!

Unfortunately, I was too busy eating to get a picture of all of us there. Here are Michelle and Kathleen in the cab on the way back to the Strip.


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