According to You -Orianthi

There are some weeks where Wednesday cannot possibly come soon enough. This week was definitely one of them. BUT. Tomorrow is Deanna’s birthday and Friday we’re headed to see the Thrasher’s game! Yay! I’m super excited!!!!

I was reading an article online last night and found out that instead of GTL, the girls of the Jersey Shore do SSC. For those of you that don’t know, GTL is Gym, Tan, Laundry and SSC is Sleep, Shop, Club. I think I’m liking SSC a lot better than GTL! Ha!

And now, the The Vegas Picture(s) of the Day.

One of the things I LOVE about anywhere I go is seeing how it is decorated! This is houses, cities, buildings, anything! And The Vegas was no exception! I LOVED every last bit of it! Most of it was so over the top and cliche and perfect! So these are some pictures of the decor that I liked. The Wynn was definitely my favorite, though! It was beautiful!

This is Paris. The inside of the casino looks like old-time Paris and it has the “legs” of the Eiffel Tower coming through the ceiling! Nice touch!

I loved this tile border, also in Paris. Something like this may go in my dream black and white kitchen one day!

This picture is terrible and fuzzy, but this glass ceiling was in the Bellagio.

Of course the Canal in the Venetian was a highlight. I was sad we didn’t get to ride it, but the line was waaay long.

These next pictures are all from the Wynn. It was so colorful and cheerful!

All of these tile floors are super practical as well as being gorgeous because they are super easy to clean and don’t get damaged and have to be replaced often.

I may or may not have been going through an obsession with light fixtures at this point in my life…

Hmmm. And after looking at these pictures, I may still be going through it. Those last ones are my favorites!

These paper parasols were in Caesar’s Palace. (And no, Caesar no longer lives there.)

These door were the entrance into the Hard Rock Hotel. This is why I loved the decor in Vegas so much! There is no detail too small! In the Playboy Club, there is a tufted bar and the buttons have the Playboy bunny on them! Crazy! But that’s what makes it so special.

That concludes my tour of The Vegas by Design. Hope you enjoyed it!


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