Need You Now- Lady Antebellum

Confession Time:

Every week at our Bible Study, we write a plan for the next week from what we have learned from the previous week. Well, it’s Saturday night and I’m just now starting my study for the week. I opened up my notebook to my plan from last week and the first thing it said was: “Bring peace to all relationships that I have.” Well if that wasn’t a big fat kick in the face. Because I certainly did not do that this week. At all. In fact, I did just the opposite. You know, I’ve never given tons of thought to Satan and Spiritual Warfare before. But I have lately. In college, I grew away from God a lot. But He’s been bringing me back to him and Satan has hated it. And since I didn’t do my study the way I should have last week, he took that opportunity to pounce. Ay yi yi. So, lesson learned.

On Thursday (the 18th), Peaser and I went to a Post Secret exhibit at Kennesaw State. Post Secret is an “art project” where people write their deepest secrets that they’ve never told anyone on a postcard and mail it into this guy. He puts them on his website and he has 5 books out. He updates the website every Sunday and there are no archives. Some of the secrets are funny, some are weird, and some are just disturbing. But it’s interesting and sometimes they’re very revealing.

This is the first one you see when you walk in. I loved it.

Here’s a close-up, since you can’t read it off the glare. And I just think he is too adorable for words!

That swirly part is envelopes that have been sent in. I thought this one was hilarious!

Sometimes, I do too.

I loved reading them on Sunday morning with Peaser, too.

I think this is hilarious!

Sometimes, I think this could be me. But then again, I don’t.

I would do good to remember this also.

Peaser and her new short hair reading the secrets.

This one’s for Sarah and Alec.

On Friday, Meredith came into Athens, so we had a little Denney Tower Studio JR reunion with Jason and Ro. Oh how I have missed these people! (But not all the work. Nor my lazy eye which apparently decided to make a special appearance.) The last semester in our major would not have been half as enjoyable with out them. They truly kept my sanity through it ALL!

And with Deanna. Even though she wasn’t in our group, we let her in a picture. :)

And on Friday night, I did THIS!!! Whoohooooo! First time walking under the Arch! Yes!! Mark it off my Bucket List!


2 Comments on “Need You Now- Lady Antebellum”

  1. jason reid says:

    hurray now i’m famous! so great seeing ya’ll… i’m gonna steal this for fb, as soon as joan crawford’s birthday is over (which is tomorrow) :)

  2. […] you to do it and 2.) They try to help you out. Obviously, I’ve gotten behind. And today, my awesome friend Jason sends me a program on facebook to track where I run. The only problem is, it means I have to leave […]

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