I Love Faces

So I can’t believe I’m actually doing this. (By the way, I know it’s supposed to be “heart” instead of “love”, but I have problems with saying the word heart instead of love (I think it has something to do with repressed memories from Middle School, but anyway…) and with hearts in general (the shape, not the organ) so I’m saying love.) (And this is no offense to the people that made this website. I think your site fantastic and wonderful and I love it. I just have issues.)

So there’s this website called I Heart Faces and every week they do a different photography contest that has a theme. I’ve never participated because, well, I’m not really a good photographer, plus I don’t really have anyone to practice on. And I feel strange asking people to be my subjects, so I just don’t. I already know my poor children are going to have a camera stuck in their face from the second they are fully out of the womb. And yes, fully. We ain’t gettin’ none of that action around here.


So this week’s theme is Dramatic Black and White. And I immediately thought of this photo. It’s not really even the best quality because it’s kind of blurry, but my goodness, it is DRAMATIC! We were playing the game “Yell out an action and react and I’ll take a picture.” Bad name. Good game. And this action was, fittingly, “melodramatic.”

I know this photo is not going to win, or even be a finalist, but seriously, this picture cracks me up! From Gigi’s interpretation of “melodramatic” to Deanna’s reaction! Hilarious!


2 Comments on “I Love Faces”

  1. Gina says:

    LOL!!! How fun!!! I love all the expressions!!!

  2. How fun is this picture? It totally made me smile and miss being in school with all of my friends this morning. Fantastic!

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