Centerfield- John Fogerty

(This is my THIRD FOURTH attempt at writing this post. Safari keeps “closing unexpectedly” on me. Call me annoyed.)

I’m well aware that I could not have found a more cliche song for a post about the Braves home opener. Although after watching Jason Heyward kill yesterday, I’m thinking the song should be changed to RIGHTfield. Just my opinion. But no one listens to me anyway.

Speaking of no one listening to me, how about that National Championship game last night? (Just for the record, I had Nova and Pitt in the final. I was waaaaay off on that one. Ha!) That was AWESOME. It would have only been AWESOMER if Butler could have pulled it out. But it was a great game!

Last year for the game, Kathleen and I went to Walker’s to do homework and watch the game. I wrote a paper and drank a several beers. The game was a total blowout. Michelle and Callan came and joined us and we took a few shots. Oops. So we called Pease and Burles to come join us at The Grill and take us home. And they did because they love us. I thought I had pictures, but I can’t find them anywhere. Oh, well. Good times. I will always miss doing stuff like that.

Anyway, so yesterday (March 5), was the Braves home opener. Apparently it’s a pretty big deal, but since I’m not from Atlanta, I had no idea. But since my internship has ended, I was able to go and tailgate and well, I’m hooked! We had a great time! Before the game, we just hung out and ate and drank. And since Sarah and I are good luck together again, we KILLED the Cubs, 16-5. So then after the game, we went back and hung out and ate and drank some more. And threw the football. Because no matter what the Braves do, being in Turner Field will never beat Sanford Stadium. Ever. But yesterday was definitely a lot of fun.

By the way, the weather yesterday could not have been more perfect. It was GORGEOUS. And I only got a tiny bit burnt on the places I missed. Oops.

Not a cloud in the sky.

Hmmm. How did these pictures get on my camera?

Those Cubs fans are shifty.

I hope this picture meets your approval since the one from the Tech game didn’t.

I hope y’all get chills like I do every time I hear the Braves Country commercial on the radio. It’s awesome.

Of course this is my favorite state in Braves Country.

Bobby “The Skipper” Cox in his last season as the Braves’ manager.

Travis Tritt sang the National Anthem. Love his music.

Flyover! Which, honestly, was a little lame because those damn Tech grads flew too close and now they have all of these rules about how close they can get. Why does Tech have to ruin everything?

Speaking of shifty Cubs fans, this guy was pretty crazy. And I bet that wig was hot as crap. (By the way, the last time that woman on the right shaved her armpits was never. Gross.)

A few from the game.

And the final score.

And the whole group. Daynes, Cole, Alec, me, Claire, Sarah, Matt, and James

Also, THIS makes me very happy. I am a firm believer of consequences for actions, good and bad. I also hate that people that are in the public eye are under a microscope and are blamed often when they did not do anything. An incident that occurred a few years ago with some Duke Lacrosse players comes to mind….

And I’m currently in the process of reading about 4 books with about 20 more that are on my bookshelf waiting on me. But I re-read Chelsea’s first book to prepare for her and her hilariousness. My Horizontal Life is definitely rated R, but it is so super funny! (By the way, in no way do I condone any of her beliefs or actions, but I sure can laugh at them!)

“It’s going to make him have second thoughts.” -Chipper Jones on Bobby Cox’s retirement


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  1. SK says:

    1. Why didn’t you mention your big news?!
    2. Approved :)

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