Claire Getting Married

What a crazy last few days these have been! On Saturday, Deanna, Dannon, and I drove down to Dublin to meet Ro so we could go to Claire’s wedding. (Just to clarify (claireify- haha), this is a Claire that was in my major with me, not Claire Feeney who was in my pledge class.) Sunday we came back and I packed up my stuff and headed back to Cris and Marc’s after just leaving a week and a half ago to start work on Monday. And of course, I left my computer in Greensboro. Which is basically like leaving my arm. But I have the day off today and tomorrow which is good because I have a dentist appointment that I’ve rescheduled, oh, about 4 times, so I came back to the ‘Boro to get my computer and go to the dentist.

So. Claire’s wedding.

I LOVE weddings! And Claire’s wedding was beautiful and sweet and perfect and just so her. And short, which I love. There were so many people there! Just an example of how loved this couple is! And my favorite part- the cake- was DELISH!!

On the ride down.

I love riding down Hwy 15! It reminds me of so many trips in high school for football, softball, basketball, and baseball games.

I didn’t get any pictures at the wedding itself, but here are some pictures from the reception. Claire and Justin dancing their first dance.

Daddy-Daughter Dance. I LOVE these pics and Claire’s dress was beautiful!

The back of her dress looked great bustled.

Claire changed into a cute little dress for the reception. It looks like these two are pretty happy!

Eleni and Pete, our other little happy FI couple.

Rachel, me, Dannon, Rosemary, and Deanna. Geez, I look like I’m about to fall over.

All of the FI people with Claire and Justin, minus Rachel. Rosemary, me, Eleni, Claire, Justin, Deanna, and Dannon

We needed a break from dancing, so we had a little photo shoot.

And then it was time for one last dance before Claire and Justin left!

And then it was time for them to get it on leave! Unfortunately, this is all I got in my eagerness to pelt them with birdseed.

Oh, well. Life goes on. And then we loaded up and headed back to the hotel so Deanna could do her homework. Yes, I’m serious. Unfortunately.

Just kidding. I think it’s great how dedicated she is to school. Especially since that dedication was something I definitely lacked in all my years of schooling. Ha!

The next morning we went to Cracker Barrel (probably my favorite restaurant EVER) for breakfast and met Eleni and Pete before it was time to head back home. But we had to get a few pictures with the leprechaun that was outside of our hotel.

Because what trip would be complete without a picture of a leprechaun?

And this picture would demonstrate what I love about Rosemary.

And speaking of leprechauns, the YouTube video is a classic.

“Remember, love each other always. There is scarcely anything else but that.” -Les Miserables


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