Things I’m obsessing over this week…

1.) This post by Big Mama made me laugh and then cry those good, salty tears. Truly beautiful and touching. She has a gift.

2.) These earrings are from that place that always makes me happy, especially when they have things on sale. They look like Jamie Dabbs to me. Too bad her birthday isn’t soon.

3.) This hat is an Amy Butler pattern. I want to make it since my sun hat for the beach last year got ruined from the water. (Seriously? What good is a beach hat if it can’t get wet??) Of course, I love this hat from Lands End’s Canvas Collection, also. How will I EVER decide??? (Ummm, maybe I won’t. If only there wasn’t that whole money issue. Or lack thereof.)

5.) And speaking of Lands End Canvas, I’m slightly obsessing over this scarf. BUT, of course I love this one too! So how am I going to ever choose???

6.) (This was not supposed to turn into all clothes and accessories, but I just can’t help myself!) Now for the purses! Dying over this one! Too cute for words! Unfortunately, the green and yellow are out of stock currently. Boo. And this is the perfect spring/summer clutch! Love! And of course, I would get it in yellow and gray.

7.) I keep telling myself I’m going to start this… tomorrow. Because after all, tomorrow, is another day.

8.) Still listening to this song from Glee a few weeks ago on repeat. And I just can’t even begin to tell y’all how much I loved the Madonna episode! Speaking of Glee, Kristen Chenowith is quite possibly my favorite person ever and I’m convinced she would love me too… if we ever met…. Needless to say, I’m a little too excited that it’s back on.


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