You might live with a Tech fan if…

In the past few weeks of employment, I have been bouncing around from house to house while thinking about looking for a place to live. The first week I lived with Marc and Cris, then last week Sarah oh so graciously shared her bed with me and we decided that it was really too bad God made us both girls/didn’t make us lesbians because we would be perfect together. But, alas, it was not meant to be.

While staying with Sarah, I got a Facebook message from my mom’s cousin’s wife Janet (you got that?) that said that they live in Atlanta and would be more than happy for me to stay with them for as long as I needed to! And while I loved sharing a bed with Sarah, it was becoming increasingly obvious that we were not going to be married and so I should probably move out of her bed so one day a real husband could move in. But not any day soon. That is another post in itself.

When I got to Janet and Alan’s, we were just sitting around, shooting the breeze before heading to bed and we started talking about their wedding and engagement and how they met and eventually their first date.

By the way, Marc and Sarah are both HUGE Georgia fans, also, but Alan graduated from Tech. As a Dawg fan, we are all required to only care about Georgia Tech for approximately 4, maybe 5 weeks out of the year. Mostly because they are not in the SEC and typically suck anyway and we beat them and move on to next week’s game. (Well, now that I think about it, maybe that’s just football.) But during that week, it is a requirement to make fun of Tech in every way possible. Because Tech fans are Nerds. God made them that way, and He loves them no matter what. (And I’m trying. Okay, not really. Well, sometimes. There are a few Tech fans I love and even like. But of course, I can never say that about Florida.)

So anyway, their first date. Alan called Janet and asked her if she wanted to go to a Battle of the Bands. Well, she thought it sounded like fun (and I would have too) so she said yes.

But then she got there.

And it was a Battle of the MARCHING Bands.

HIGH SCHOOL Marching Bands, no less.

She said they were the only people there that weren’t parents. I can believe it. But obviously, Alan’s something special because they went on a second date and a third and now they’re married.

That, my friends, is True Love.

“Love is being stupid together.” -Paul Valery

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