Betty White, you are my hero

I’m a HUGE Golden Girls fan and really excited that Betty White is going to be on SNL in a week, so in honor of that, here’s an interview with her talking about her upcoming appearance. I can’t wait and I’m definitely having my parents DVR it so I can watch it again and again! Yay Betty!!


And, since once I get started, I just can’t stop, here’s the TV Land Awards Tribute to the Golden Girls from 2008.

And this one is bloopers from the show.

And here are more bloopers. A few of them are the same as the last video, but most of them are different.

I hope that someone else gets as much enjoyment out of these as I do. I have 2 of the seasons on DVD and I loaned them to Deanna and, well, let’s just say I’m not sure I’ll ever get them back! Ha!

“You know what they say: you can lead a herring to water but you have to walk really fast or he’ll die.” -Rose Nyland “The Golden Girls”


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