Celebrity- Brad Paisley

Last night (Saturday), we had a huge party at work. It was kind of a Grand Opening party, even though they’ve been there for over a year. So I sent an email out begging asking my friends that are in the area to come. Alas, most of them were busy. But fortunately, Rachel Lawrence came and hung out with me and made the night go by a LOT faster!

Also, I’m really glad she did because Ms. J from America’s Next Top Model was there. Yes, the run-way walker extrodinnaire. (That is spelled so wrong and Safari doesn’t have any guesses. Oh well.) And I absolutely, positively will NOT walk up to celebrities and ask them for a picture or strike up a conversation or anything. Too embarrassed and I guess too star-struck. See the post from when we visited Chelsea Handler if you want more evidence. But Rachel doesn’t care. She just marched right up to him/her and asked for a picture.

So here we are. With the Fabulous Ms. J. Who sits beside Tyra every day and tells these girls whether or not they should be models. It’s not a great picture because it was on Rachel’s iPhone and I am disgustingly washed out because he/she insisted on being under a spot light and well, he/she didn’t get under it. I did. Oh well. At least he/she smiled, right?

I was planning on getting up and going to an early service this morning for church, but after being at work for 13.5 hours yesterday (yes, I feel a little sorry for myself) and having to get up and go in again this morning, I thought my body needed to rest. And I know God understands. Why else would He have given us an entire day for it? So right now I’m listening to Mighty to Save and am going to have my own little worship time before work. Because I need it. And God knows that, too.

“When you die, you’re going to regret the things you don’t do.” -Glengarry Glen Ross Ricky Roma


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