Back Before the Blog: Spring Graduation

In honor of today being Georgia’s graduation, here are pictures of us from Graduation last year. Of course, I didn’t actually graduate until December, but I really wanted to walk with my class and I certainly wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to stand on that hallowed ground that’s more commonly known as Sanford Stadium. So, I bought my cap and gown a little early and got some extra use out of them!

It’s funny because this year Graduation is at night (nice!) because it’s the 225th one and last year it was at the crack of dawn. So instead of going out and partying the night before, we went to bed super early because we had to get up and get showered and dressed. Ha! I guess we were already getting ready for the real world.

Iz, me, and Pease

Jennifer Weidner, my freshman year roommate. Loved her!

We all went and stood on the grass and took a picture. Until we got yelled at! Ha! They had these tile things on the grass so we wouldn’t trample it. We are such rebels!

Then we ran around and found Callan and Michelle. We were all giddy with excitement! I love this picture of us. We were supposed to be staying in our seats, but we didn’t care! We were graduating! (Okay, well, everyone else was and I was so excited for them!)

Rosemary, me, and Rachel

Me and my Peaser!

Throwing our caps!

Me and my Rachel. We’ve been friends for longer than we can remember. In fact, our parents (my dad, her mom) graduated from high school together. Yes, the same high school we graduated from. We’re also big fans of big sunglasses, if you couldn’t tell!

The other Rachel (Pease’s Rachel), me, and Pease

Peaser and *Ross* That’s how he is in her phone, so he’s the first one on her call list! Hilarious! Love it!

Us again. So glad I have this sweet, funny friend in my life!

And me and Chance. Mom and Dad couldn’t come because they had made plans to go to Vegas that weekend. And since I technically wasn’t graduating anyway, I really didn’t care. But I was really glad Chance came. And what’s really sweet is that Mom didn’t even tell him too!

“Will you succeed? Yes you will indeed! (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.)” -Dr. Seuss


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