Rooms That Inspire Me: My Grandmother’s Bathroom

Let me just tell you, Gossip Girl was AWESOME last night!!! Next week is the season finale and oh, it’s going to be so good! Of course, here is the Daily Intel’s recap of it. I always get really excited on Tuesday when I remember it. So now I’m rewatching it on the DVR. Seriously, best invention ever!

Lately, I’ve been feeling a creative itch. I don’t know what it is, but not being able to create things is driving me cRAzY!! And since I’m not in the position to be decorating anything myself, I’m just going to start doing interiors that inspire me. This closet-turned-bathroom is in my grandparent’s house. I’ve always LOVED this little bathroom! I love the corner sink and how cozy it is. (Is that a weird word to describe a bathroom?) But in these days of ‘bigger is better,’ I love how they made something work with what they had. There used to be one of those toilet paper holders that stands by itself, and I loved that also! I totally want a bathroom like this in my house.

With the doors closed, it just looks like a regular closet. There used to be strawberry wallpaper on the bedroom walls. I miss it.

But open the doors, and look!!

I hope you find this little treasure as delightful as I do and use it to inspire yourself to use what you have when decorating your own space! I’m sure you’ll be surprised by what you can do!

“Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.” -Charles Eames


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