I Run to You- Lady Antebellum

Can you tell I’m digging Lady A lately? Because I am. One concert and my life will never be the same.

On Saturday (the 15th), I left work early and headed to Publix to meet Pease and Ross and head to Lakewood. We decided Publix because really, who can beat a Publix sub? Oh, so good! But Ross doesn’t like Publix subs and headed to Jersey Mike’s, upon which declaration Pease told Ross he was “weird.” Really? So says the person that only eats chicken, bread and cheese. Ha!

We finally arrived at Lakewood (free parking!) and I immediately handed Ross my camera because he hadn’t used my new one yet and he had to practice. I think he’s going to do alright, judging from his first picture.

Well, technically he took this one before he took the one above, but we won’t count this one.

We tailgated in the parking lot a little before heading in.

As we were walking in, I found Spanky’s phone on the ground and spent the next 45 minutes trying to find him.

Well, we did all take another picture first. This one was from Michelle’s camera, but I happen to like it better than the one I have, so I downloaded it off Facebook.

After I returned Spanky’s phone, it was time for LADY ANTEBELLUM!!!!!!

Barefoot in the grass… one of the best parts about spring!!

Pease and Ross doing some people-watching. It was quality.

For example, the lady in the blue shirt was an AWESOME dancer.

This couple was really cute.

Especially after the hubs changed into his formal shirt for Tim.

Plaid on plaid is always a classic combination.

And then they got caught.

This is the closest Michelle’s let anyone be to her in 6 months. Also, this is the picture Kathleen was trying to take in the previous post.

Michelle is such an attention whore.


Then I tried to take a sweet picture of Kathleen and Avery, but got these instead.


Almost time for Tim! I love this picture of us!


Have to take one with the shades. Duh.

In conclusion, here is one of my favorite pictures from the night. Priceless.

We missed Love and Theft, but Lady A and Tim McGraw were awesome! And I loved sitting on the lawn. It’s officially summer. There was threat of rain, but fortunately, it held off! Let me just say, once again, that I love my friends! By the way, before Tim came on, they played In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins. They always play this song during football warm-ups. I’m officially ready for football. Not that I haven’t been since January. But now I’m even more ready.

If you’ve yet to watch the Gossip Girl finale, DON’T READ ANY FURTHER!! SPOILERS GALORE!!

First, here is the Daily Intel’s recap of it. My favorite part of Tuesday.

Congratulations, Jenny. You have succeeded in destroying EVERYONE’S lives. And maybe even killing Chuck. I am devastated. I watched it the finale with Michelle, Deanna, and Rosemary and when that gun shot rang out, we all gasped. And I teared up when Blair found out about Chuck. And screamed “Don’t take the ring!!!” when the muggers opened the ring box. I felt like my heart was breaking into a thousand pieces. And of course, when Georgina told Dan that she was preggers with his baby, I almost crapped my pants. Of course, the whole time I thought she was planning on stealing Dorota’s baby, so I’m VERY glad she didn’t do that.

Basically, that was the best episode of Gossip Girl EVER. And by ever, I mean since Chuck told Blair he loved her.

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” -Berthold Auerbach


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