Random Post #47

I guess truthfully every post on here is random, but this one is more so than most.

I shopped with Rosemary on Friday and totally caved and bought the hat. We’ll see if I actually have the guts to wear it out of the house. My goal is 3 times this summer.

Now I’m in search for the perfect navy and white striped shirt to wear with it (so I can actually look like the model from the picture. Ha!). I actually bought one today at Target, but it’s 3/4 length sleeves and I’m afraid it will be too hot for the summer. This tank from Anthro would be perfection if only it cost $10 instead of $58.

Alec shared this website with me and I found it delightful and inspiring, so I thought I would pay it forward and share it with all of you as well. I hope you are able to waste as much time there as I have this week.

Glee on Tuesday night was approximately 62 kinds of magical. Anything Idina Menzel touches turns to gold. Except when she releases solo albums. :( And I definitely like this version of I Dreamed a Dream better than Susan Boyle. Although I will admit that I was a big fan of hers last year.

(I hope I don’t get sued for posting this video. But I do think it’s funny that it’s a mirror image. You can especially tell from the Annie poster above Rachel’s stereo.)

Has anyone else felt like the world has been in a funk lately? Maybe it’s just me. If you’ve had good news lately, I’d appreciate it if you shared it, though. I feel like I’ve been yelling Psalm 30:11-12 at the devil lately. You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, that my heart may sing to you and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give you thanks forever.

I’ve also been really bad about posting what books I’ve read, so here they are. I hope I haven’t left any out.

I finished the last one in the Kensington Chronicles series. It may have been my favorite one.

Then I read “For Women Only” by Shaunti Feldhahn. It’s only been on my book shelf for ~5 years. Although I am not in any type of relationship, it gave great insight and will definitely be re-read later on in life. (Her husband also wrote a book called “For Men Only,” so if there is any guy that reads this blog, you can pick that one up!)

And how horrible is this? I totally forgot that I hadn’t read Chelsea’s latest book yet! So when I went home, I grabbed it. I will say that the first chapter is really hard to read. Honestly, when I reread this book, I’ll just skip it. Too much for me. But the rest of it, I enjoyed.

The Grit Tree has posted some videos from football seasons past. If you’re not already itching for September, I promise you will be after watching them. I’m not sure if I should say you’re welcome or I’m sorry.

Also, I tweeted this blog (Today’s Letters) earlier, but I think it deserves another shout out. This is such a sweet idea. I wish I’d had it first. Ha!

By August, I want to be ABLE to run a 5K. And a 10K by December. Let’s see if I actually achieve these goals. It would probably help if I went ahead and signed up for one. But first I have to find one and second I have to find someone to do it with me. Don’t everyone raise your hand at once!

If you’ve never had a Take 5, I am strongly urging you to drop whatever it is you are currently procrastinating from and go purchase 14 of them. Because 1 will not be enough. Why has no one thought of this combo before? Truly a party in my mouth. ;)

“People used to complain to me all the time, “I can’t even hear you sing because your clothes are so loud.” -Cyndi Lauper


3 Comments on “Random Post #47”

  1. Debbie says:

    The hat is too cute…please wear it more than 3 times this summer. Also….remember when you said you loved me and wouldn’t forget me???

  2. […] about a year ago, I bought a hat. My goal for the hat was to wear it 3 times that summer. Fast-forward a year later, I still […]

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