Penny Lane- The Beatles

Obviously, I’ve been inspired by Today’s Letters.

Dear Sloan, You will not be ready for your 5k in 9 weeks if you only run once a week. Get your rear in gear, please. Or you (and I) will definitely regret it. Love Always, Self

Dear Brother, Thanks for running with me today. Sorry I abandoned you. But thanks for the water that was waiting on me. You can be very sweet sometimes. When you want to be. Love Always, Gwoan

Dear Countess LuAnn, Just because you have a lot of money, can afford to rent a studio, and love to sing does not mean you actually, can in fact, sing. Sorry. Love Always, Team Bethenney.

Dear MFP, Thank you for dashing my dreams of being a pop star. All that time spent practicing in my room and car are wasted. But, I didn’t waste my money renting a studio and having someone write me a crappy song. So thanks for that, I guess. Love Always, Sloan

Dear Glee, It seems like only yesterday I was watching your first episode with Kathleen and Burles. What a year it has been! Your finale tonight was PERFECTION is every way. I will miss you this summer but I am so excited for what the next two seasons will bring us! Love Always, Sloan

On Sunday (June 6), Burles and I went to the Princess Diana exhibit in Atlanta. It’s all of the stuff that on display at Althorp, her childhood home. This week is the last week that it was there, so we knew we needed to jump on the opportunity!

Our tickets!

Caroline’s “excited” face. I had to force her to be excited.

Outside of the exhibit, after waiting over TWO HOURS. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside. Lame.

Her wedding dress, which was beautiful! It made me think of the Glee episode where Emma wears a dress designed after it! Ha!

I’ve ALWAYS loved Princess Diana. I wrote an essay in 4th grade about how she was the person I admired the most. I also used to dream that Prince William would meet me, we would fall in love, and live happily ever after. Okay, okay. I still do dream about it.

“Dreams are necessary to life.” -Anais Nin


One Comment on “Penny Lane- The Beatles”

  1. slamdunk says:

    Best wishes with your running. With the warm weather here, it is always tempting to find something else to do.

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