Back Before the Blog: Favorite Outfits of an 8 year old

The other day, I was going through an old photo album when I found a picture that brought back a lot of memories. Not of what I was doing at the time (it was taken by a professional photographer in a studio), but of the outfit that I was wearing. I’m probably 8 in the picture if I remember correctly, but to this day I can still remember how much I loved this dress and those shoes.

The pearls that are under the collar were detachable! Meaning I could wear the dress with or without the pearls! It was like 2 totally separate dresses! Of course, I never wore it without the pearls though!

And those shoes! Ahh! I would love to have a grown-up version of those shoes today! Purple velvet with purple stones on the toes- yes please! I was obsessed then and I would be now, too.

Of course, the white tights that are bagged around my ankles are much less cute than any other part of the outfit. But it does make me laugh! And really, I’ve been known to wear some headbands that are as big as that bow.

What about you? Do you have a favorite outfit from when you were younger that you wish you had an adult version of today? Don’t even get me started on my denim skort and Izzy t-shirt from the 1996 Olympics!


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