Lake Kitchen Re-Do

For me, the best part of decorating is that it is so super personal. No house that you walk into is the same as any other person’s. Your house is a part of your personality. It says what you want to say to the world. I love neutral homes like Ashley Lancaster’s House of Neutral and the Pioneer Woman’s lodge. They are so relaxing and serene and look quiet. Isn’t it funny that a room can look quiet?

But for me, I like FUN. I want to walk into a room and it make me smile. (Currently, my favorite designer that does this is Sarah Richardson of Sarah’s House on HGTV. Check it out. You won’t regret it.) I like little whimsical, kitschy touches that are funny. (Urban Outfitters and thrift stores are perfect for stuff like this.) I like lamps that are made out of found objects and things that aren’t typical “art.” I also like for a house to be totally personal, especially the art. I like photographs of family and places that are meaningful. Paintings from places that I’ve traveled and picked up along the way.

Several summers ago, my parents bought a lake house. And I asked my mom if I could spend a summer redecorating it. And she said NO. Boo.

But then I redid my room at the lake and my mom loved it, so she gave me the go-ahead to do the rest of the house! Yay!! It’s really just one big room with the kitchen, dining area, and living area. So I got started last week and painted the cabinets in the kitchen. Now let me just say, painting these cabinets was kind of a b*tch. I found this handy little guide online that told me it would only take me FOUR HOURS(!!!) to do the project, start to finish. The trick was this fabulous primer that dried in only 45 minutes!!

Well, this little project that was only supposed to take FOUR HOURS(!!!) took me FOUR DAYS(!!!). Well, I knew that obviously it was going to take longer than 4 hours. I ain’t stupid. But 4 DAYS??? Geez Louise. I certainly didn’t think it would take that long. I planned for it to take 2 days. One day to prime and one day to paint. Well, the painting took 3 days. But part of that was because I bought cheap paint. Well, next time I paint ANYTHING, I’m going to spend the extra $5 and pay for Benjamin Moore to begin with. Because it’s cheaper to go ahead and pay the extra $5 that it is to buy cheap paint for $15 and then have to go and spend $20 for Benjamin Moore. Anyway, live and learn.

(Does anyone else feel the need to say “And then get Luvs” after they say live and learn? Does that mean I watch too much TV? But seriously, what a great piece of advertising!)

Also, side note. The primer almost dried TOO fast. It kept getting that skin on top like cheese dip does. Gross.

So here is the before, during, and after. The after picture is not good. I’ll have a better one later. But truthfully, I’m sick of having so many posts “in progress,” that I’m just doing this.

Here is the kitchen before. All of the rooms and even the cabinets were painted the same color yellow. Can you say bor-ing?? Also, my mom’s skin is a little olive-y. She looks bad in yellow. She doesn’t wear yellow, so why would she have a yellow house?

Primed. (I did wonder if I needed to take the stuff out of the cabinets. But I didn’t. I’m kinda lazy like that.)

I first I really wanted to remove that little wavy thing above the window. But it was stuck on there pretty good, so we left it on for now. It was a little too prissy when the cabinets were painted yellow.

And painted! The bottom cabinets are finished (after only 2 coats!) and the top ones have had 3 coats and still aren’t done. Kill me. (Okay, please don’t.)

Me and Chance hard at work. The worst part was painting the underneaths. Ugh!

And finished!! It’s hard to tell the exact color, but it’s pretty close.

I love how the dark bottom cabinets make the stove and dishwasher blend in because they’re not really top of the line. (Totally on purpose. Okay, not. But it was a VERY happy accident.) I also love the open upper cabinets, partly because they remind me of Monica’s kitchen on Friends! (Random, I know. Also, did you know the set designer changed out the food that was in there just like a real kitchen, but there was a certain order for everything because that’s how Monica would have done it? I love little facts like that.)

My brother isn’t too sure about not having cabinet doors. But I think it looks more open without them and I think it would be too much red. I still need to go back and rearrange the shelves and make them even and rearrange the stuff in there. But I even like the wavy thing now that it’s red! So I think it’ll stay.

When we pulled the painter’s tape off, it took some of the paint off, so I need to go back and fix that. I forgot that you’re supposed to pull it off when the paint is still wet. Oh, well. Up next is the walls. Now THAT is really going to be a pain because there are a ton of doors and windows. But we’ll get it done!

The upper cabinets are Raspberry Truffle and the lower ones are Black Bean Soup, both by Benjamin Moore.

I also love this ADORABLE idea for the yard! Way too cute for words! The yard at the house also needs to be redone because there is just too much stuff in it! In the middle, there is this huge bed of plants and trees. It’s beautiful, but too much work! Plus, it’s hard to throw a football across it and you can’t really stand in the yard if we have a party. Anyway, maybe if I find some cute little chairs like this, I’ll snatch them up to do this project.


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