Who did? Who did? Who did? Who did? Who did swallow Jo Jo Jo Jo?

I’ve been teaching the little kids’ Sunday School class for a few weeks now. Some days go better than others, but this week was pretty good. We learned about Jonah and the Fish and doing what God tells us to do.

In the book Blue Like Jazz, Donald Miller writes about how really, the stories we teach in Sunday School are not for children. He speaks specifically of learning about Noah and the Ark because there were animals in the story. But what they leave out is the mothers’ screams when their babies were drowning and how it was NOT a good time in the world, except for one single family. I think his point is, we don’t usually tell the whole story. Because the history of Christianity is not pretty and nice. It’s full of ugliness and sin.

So when I got home today, I decided to pull out my Bible and read the story of Jonah.

Confession: I did not realize that Jonah was a book in the Bible. I just thought it was a story somewhere. I need to get better about knowing OT books.

Anyway, these are some of the observations that I made.

1. Even after Jonah told the sailors to throw him in the sea to stop the storm, they did not. In my notes, it says “Jonah was willing to give his life to save the sailors, even though he {wouldn’t} do the same for Ninevah.” I don’t tend to remember that Jonah didn’t know at the time that the fish was going to come swallow him. He was willing to die.

2. After he had been thrown in the water, my translation says that “the Lord PROVIDED a great fish to swallow Jonah” (Jon 1:17). Interesting. From my perspective, I’m not sure being “provided” a huge fish to swallow me would have been the best thing ever. But I bet Jonah was happy about it.

3. Jonah must have had some powerful words if the entire city of Ninevah changed because of what he said in 1 day. Oh, that I could speak words that had such an effect on people! Something to pray about, for sure.

I could have more, but I think that’s enough for now. I was going to have a point about how I bet Jonah was glad that fish don’t have teeth. But after googling it, I found out that they DO!!! That’s TWO things I’ve learned from this little blog post! Wow! If you want to read more about fish teeth, here is the website I found it on. It’s towards the bottom of the page.

“He said: ‘In my distress I called to the Lord, and he answered me. From the depths of the grave I called for help, and you listened to my cry.” Jonah 2:2


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