Michelle turns 23!

And on the 8th day, God made Michelle.

Does anyone else remember the Full House episode that was the day that Michelle went to Kindergarten, I think. Anyway, she had a dream where she was a princess and Joey, Danny, Becky, and Jesse sang to her. The song went something like this: “Here comes the princess; we love the princess, her name is Michelle.”

No? Just me?

Okay then.

Thursday (July 29th), was Michelle’s birthday. So since she wasn’t doing anything on her actual birthday, I went to Athens and took her to RuSans, which is our favorite. Then I dragged her to Wal-Mart because I had been there earlier that day and they had sunglasses for $5 that were super cute, but I didn’t get them so I wanted to get a pair or 7. She was a little ticked because she wanted to get home in time for Boston Med. (Slay me.)

Here she is leaving Wal-Mart showing off her cute new watch! (I may or may not have bought myself one in gray.)

And of course I made her take a picture with me before I let her out of the car. :)

I went back to Athens on Saturday for us to all go downtown.

Here we are the AT&T bars. Hahaha

Sarah and me at 8es Bar. That girl in the background is a girl from our pledge class, Beth. We were so surprised and thrilled to see her!

Me with the birthday girl!

I’m a little ashamed of myself at my lack of documentation for Michelle’s 23rd birthday. When I got to Athens, Avery and I sat on the couch and watched 300 while everyone else got ready. It was pretty gory. We went to Last Resort at 10, so basically we ate a midnight snack. Ha! We seriously shut it down. Love doing that! Then we just headed to a couple of bars and had a pretty low key night. We’re definitely starting to feel our age! I’ve never felt older than when we were at Sideways and the music was SO LOUD. I leaned across table and told Kathleen I wanted to go somewhere quieter so we could talk! Ha! But seriously, when we were in college, I got to talk to them all the time, so being in a loud bar didn’t bother me. I couldn’t talk to them nonstop for an hour or 2? No biggie. We’d been talking all day long. But now, I’d rather talk and hang out.

It’s official. We’re getting old. And it feels weird. Not bad. But I’m not sure I can say good either. Just different, I suppose.

“Inside every old person is a younger person- wondering what the hell happened.” -Cora Harvey Armstrong


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