Empire State of Mind- Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys

Today, I am headed to The Big Apple!!!

Actually, I’m probably already on the plane by the time this posts! I’m sooooo excited! Deanna wanted to go so she could get some inspiration for the coming year and she asked if I wanted to tag along.

Well, duh!

So we’re probably going to hit up Bryant Park. Even though it’s not Fashion Week. (Well, Fashion Week’s not there anymore anyway, so it doesn’t matter. But we’ll probably go there anyway.)

And check out the Empire State Building. Maybe we’ll see Chuck and Blair. But probably not because they’re in Paris.

Of course, there’s Grand Central.

We’re going to go see a musical. But not this one. I didn’t like it.

We’ll hit up a couple of museums.

And see some cool art.

We’re going to ride the subway.

And do a million more things that I can’t even think of! Ak! I’m so excited! Truthfully, this is the first time I’m going and can just do whatever I want. It’s going to be awesome!!!

“It couldn’t have happened anywhere but in little old New York.” -O. Henry

P.S.- Kathleen has a blog now. It’s as precious as she is.


One Comment on “Empire State of Mind- Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys”

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