Sloan at the Plaza

I feel like I have to start by apologizing. In my other post about New York, I called the Chrysler Building the Empire State Building. I am such a bad American. I’ve been to New York enough times to know better. Plus, I was a design student! I should know the difference!!

Anyway, I’m finally back and recovered. Kind of. Since I’m a glutton for punishment, right after I got back I ran (okay, participated) in a 5k and then headed to Athens for rush.

We left SUPER early in the morning and headed straight to Sally’s apartment. Sally was Deanna’s roommate freshman year and graciously allowed us to stay with her. So after seeing their fantastic apartment and hanging out a little bit, we headed to the Plaza. I had told them about Eloise’s room in the Plaza and since Sally’s company works there, so she took us to show us the renovations.

Inside the Grand Ballroom.

Eloise sat up here during parties and weddings. Those angel panels really are removable!

Fabulous ceilings!

LOVE this picture!


There is an entire store dedicated to Eloise! Weenie and Skipperdee towels.

A dress-up area for Deanna!

Sweet little plate. Seriously, I’m considering decorating my (very distant future) daughter’s room in Eloise! How adorable would that be??

Tea with Eloise!!

Sally’s company has a farm and their products are being sold at the Plaza deli! And this one specifically features Sally! How cool!

Good bye Plaza! Until Burles and I come to spend the night in your Eloise room!!

I’ll be back later with more of fabulous old New York!

“I absolutely love the Plaza!” -Eloise


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