Brooklyn Blues- Barry Manilow

Dang! That song title was so close to alliteration it hurts! Oh, well.

I’m trying to post this during my lunch break from the Chamber while watching Tori and Dean. We’ll see if I can get it done.

These New York posts have been random and sporadic. (Does that word remind anyone else of Clueless? When Tai says, “I hope not sporadically.” Haha Love that movie.)

One of the days when we were in New York, Deanna and I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge to get pizza and ice cream. Alas, the pizza line was wrapped around the block, so we only got ice cream and of course, it dripped all. over. me. Oh, I was so annoyed.

But walking across the Brooklyn Bridge creates some AWESOME pictures. It’s so neat and architectural that I just couldn’t stop.

Do you see Lady Liberty??

Okay, so funny story. I saw this Watchtower thing and recognized it, even though I didn’t know where from. So I took a picture anyway. Turns out it’s the Mormon newsletter thing. Oops. But it made me chuckle a little.

Love this girl. Even if she did delete all of the other pictures of us from right then.

The walk back across. Definitely fuzzy because I can’t hold the camera still for that long.

I saw this kid taking a picture upside down, so I was inspired. I wish it was clear, though. (And yes, I know you can just rotate a picture. But that’s not as much fun as just taking it upside down.)

“She was all of these things and of something more.” -Betty Smith A Tree Grows in Brooklyn


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